The new action RPG, Genshin Impact, has become a hit as players explore the open world of Treyvat. However, in addition to having friends join in the adventure, the game gives players three starting characters. With twenty-three unlockable playable characters total, most of these characters have to be attained through RNG-based gacha pulls. But that\’s not the case for Amber, Kaeya, and Lisa – the game\’s three starter characters.

Players are the Traveler, a male or female protagonist with special powers who\’s new to the world of Treyvat. While cutscenes feature the Traveler, almost every other aspect of the game can be performed by any of the various playable characters. While Genshin Impact has multiplayer features and even supports cross-play, the game can be experienced completely solo. Because of this, there are three playable starter characters given to players early on.

Kaeya has an Elemental Burst called Glacial Waltz. This causes three icicles to circle around him, dealing persistent Cryo damage to any enemies who come too close. Kaeya also has an important passive talent, unlocked through Genshin Impact\’s Ascension mechanic, which allows him to regenerate a percentage of health based on Frostnaw\’s attack damage. Because of this, it\’s hard for enemies to take Kaeya down, unless players are just extremely under-leveled.

Lisa In Genshin Impact

Lisa is a Librarian for the Knights of Favonius, who\’s well-known for her intellect and magic skills. Lisa uses skills based around the Electro (Lightning) element. She can zap enemies with ranged lightning, as well as using a charged attack that deals AoE lightning damage. Her Violet Arc ability will summon an orb, which will cause lightning damage to surrounding enemies while also applying stacks of the Conductive status effect.

Lisa\’s Elemental Burst summons a Lightning Rose, which hits enemies with lightning and knock-back damage. Lisa\’s weapons are either spellbooks or magical gyroscopes, which serve as catalysts for her magic. Even with upgraded weapons, artifacts, and abilities, Lisa has low defense in Genshin Impact. Because of this, her skills are best used as ranged attacks so she\’s away from enemies if at all possible.

Amber, Kaeya, and Lisa make up the party alongside the player in Genshin Impact. Additionally characters can be unlocked through the game\’s gacha pulls, but aren\’t necessary to playing or enjoying the game. Genshin Impact also gives an introductory dungeon for each character, which means players can familiarize themselves with each starting character and their abilities.

Each character\’s weapon, skills, and elemental leanings compliment those of the other party members. Overall, Genshin Impact does a great job of giving players a good, well-balanced party up front.