Recently, Genshin Impact has gotten a lot of attention for its beautiful open world and enormous cast of playable characters. However, the game has a story that is equally intriguing. Set in the world of Teyvat, the game\’s setting is a land of many nations, each conforming to a specific element and worshiping a corresponding elemental god.

Early on in Genshin Impact\’s story, twins are battling an unnamed god. Players choose whether they wish to be the male or female twin, and the other twin gets captured while the player\’s twin is sealed away. The player\’s twin reawakens after some time has passed, and joins a fairy-like creature named Paimon on a journey to find the lost twin. Deemed the Traveler, players explore the open world of Teyvat with Paimon and a roster of other playable characters in Genshin Impact.