miHoYo\’s new gacha RPG Genshin Impact has skyrocketed to success immediately after release. Within only one month, Genshin Impact already boasts over $245 million from in-game purchases worldwide. As a mobile game, this marks one of the biggest and most profitable launches in mobile gaming history, topping Fortnite MobilePokemon GO, and even PUBG Mobile. This is only taken from downloads and purchases on iOS and Android in the US, without data from Genshin Impact\’s Chinese Android version.

Genshin Impact also has PC and PS4 ports, which means that the game has raked in even more profits than reported. For this reason, it\’s clear that Genshin Impact is a record-breaking game. China is a great place for mobile gaming and mobile game development, and they have finally reached worldwide success through this RPG. Chinese game developers want to keep their traditional audience while still reaching out to the western world and acquiring players from the western regions, and Genshin Impact is doing just that.