How Genshin Impact's Kokomi Compares To Other Hydro Users

Genshin Impact\’s newest five-star character is Kokomi, a Hydro user and leader of the Sangonomiya Resistance against the Raiden Shogun and her Vision Hunt Decree. The second and last limited character for the 2.1 update, Kokomi has a few unique abilities that make her differ from Genshin Impact\’s other Hydro characters, though she does share some similar traits.

Also the Divine Priestess of Watatsumi Island, Kokomi\’s design alone is unique in a number of ways. She has a mermaid-like aesthetic to match her island home, and her attack animations have her swimming through the air. As compelling as her design is, though, Kokomi has to compete with Genshin Impact\’s two other Hydro Catalyst users.

The most obvious, and controversial, difference between Kokomi and the other Hydro characters – and every other Genshin Impact character, for that matter – is that she has a -100% CRIT rate. This means that, no matter how much players stack her CRIT through weapons or artifacts, she simply can’t deal Critical Hits. Unfortunately, quite a few players consider CRIT rate and CRIT damage to be one of the most important stats in the game.

Genshin Impact – Kokomi vs. Barbara

Perhaps the most well-known Hydro Catalyst user is the free-to-play Barbara, and out of all Hydro characters, Kokomi happens to share the most similarities with her. For most players, Barbara functions as a healer, as her Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst can only heal characters in the party. Kokomi is also a healer, but while her Elemental Skill heals party members, it also does Hydro AoE damage to enemies. Also like Barbara, Kokomi sees a stat scale based on her max HP: however, while Barbara\’s healing scales based on her HP, Kokomi\’s attack percentage scales based on it. This makes Kokomi more of a damage dealer than a healer, though she can still help a lot with healing, too.

Genshin Impact – Kokomi vs. Mona

The other Hydro Catalyst user is Mona. Kokomi is also fairly similar to Mona, but they have a few key differences. Both characters have taunts within their Elemental Skills and Elemental Bursts that deal Hydro damage and apply the Wet status to enemies. Mona, though, has the Hydro Sprint ability that deals Hydro damage on contact, and her Elemental Burst can trap enemies, making them immobile. Kokomi’s Elemental Burst, meanwhile, boosts her attack damage and allows her to walk on water.

Genshin Impact – Kokomi vs. Xingqiu 

Xingqiu is able to do a bit of healing when his Elemental Skill\’s shield, formed by his Hydro swords, is broken. Similar to Barbara\’s, this healing is based on Xingqiu\’s max HP. This Elemental Skill can also apply the Wet status to enemies. Xingqiu\’s Elemental Burst is more aggressive than Kokomi\’s, in that each normal attack causes Hydro swords to spear the ground and surround enemies.

Genshin Impact – Kokomi vs. Childe

The last Hydro character, Childe (aka Tartaglia), is a bow user. His major difference from the rest of the Hydro characters is that he changes his weapon to melee for the duration of his Elemental Skill. Childe also doesn’t provide any healing and is predominately a damage dealer. Additionally, unlike the Catalyst users, both Xingqiu and Childe deal physical damage during their normal attacks. Childe’s charged attack does deal Hydro damage, however.

How Kokomi Stacks Up vs. Other Hydro Characters

Compared to the other Hydro characters in Genshin Impact, Kokomi is most similar to Mona and Barbara. Her skillset is basically a combination of these two characters, minus the CRIT rate, of course. Those who have both Mona and Barbara may find getting Kokomi isn’t a necessity, but for players lacking a healer who can also do damage or lacking a good Hydro character, in general, Kokomi may be a good fit.

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