It\’s been over a week since Genshin Impact released worldwide and became a global hit. Now, as players work their way through the main story, many people are wondering when their adventures in the world of Treyvat will come to an end. It\’s an understandable question, since the open-world elements of Genshin Impact make it seem like the game is endless. And while there\’s certainly a lot of content, the main story does currently have an ending, although it may not be the kind players expect.

With two dozen playable characters, countless weapons, and a massive world to explore, there\’s a lot to do in Genshin Impact. Because of this, playing times will vary when it comes to how long it takes people to beat the game. Based on playstyles and other factors, there are some good estimates as to how long players can expect it to take them to reach the final quest in Genshin Impact\’s main story.