How Ragnarok Origin Compares To Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is now considered by many to be the gold standard for free-to-play games, but there are plenty of other anime-style mobile games competing with it. For collecting favorite characters, there are options like Fate/Grand Order and Fire Emblem Heroes, among others. Ragnarok Origin, though, has a stronger focus on character customization that players might enjoy.

Although neither were developed by Japanese countries, Genshin Impact and Ragnarok Origin both capture the feel of a JRPG very well, taking classic concepts and making them their own. There are character classes featuring swords, bows, and magic, and a pleasant anime aesthetic. Ragnarok Origin makes \”classic\” one of its main draws, as it deliberately aims to have similarities with the original Ragnarok MMORPG. Genshin Impact has social features, but nothing to the extent of Ragnarok or other MMOs, where many players can share an environment together at once.

Players who like the idea of a portable MMORPG experience may be interested in Ragnarok Origin. Rather than using a gacha like Genshin Impact\’s to obtain playable characters, users create their own character and have countless options to customize them. Ragnarok Origin offers many different accessories and outfits for characters, so players can select a unique appearance.

Ragnarok Origin Has A Character Customization Advantage Over Genshin Impact

As social features are a main component of Ragnarok Origin, there are various ranking systems to encourage players to both work together and compete with one another. Some of these systems appear to be highly weighted toward players who spend a lot of real-world money on the gacha mechanics, however, which is a common issue with free-to-play games. The weekly \”Rune Vision Magazine\” stuffed into players\’ inventory showcases the players that had the highest Fashion Rating last week. The first volume in NA\’s Ragnarok Origin was essentially dozens of pictures of characters wearing the exact same rare outfit from the current gacha, so it wasn\’t much to look at. Still, it is more variety than the few Genshin Impact character outfits available at this time, and it\’s likely that Ragnarok Origin will add even more with regular updates.

Ragnarok Origin does offer other ways to customize the player character, like the ability to allocate stats for a unique class build. There are a lot of ways to play even the same classes, and some classes have a focus on crafting items, which is also stat-dependant. The items acquired from the gacha do give stat advantages, but it seems like at least early-game there are still many options for players who don\’t want to spend money gambling.

Genshin Impact may have a different focus but is still a great free-to-play game. It has an open world with little to no load times between areas and a nice multi-platform advantage, and soon Genshin Impact may have a variety of pets. Mobile players who like its style might want to try out Ragnarok Origin, too; collecting pets that battle by the player\’s side is another fun feature of the game. It\’s only been available in NA for about a week, but still has a lot of content to offer with more to come.

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