How to Build the Strongest Teams in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact released on September 28, 2020 and has been one of the fastest-growing games in the world ever since. From the looks of it, MiHoYo did not expect such a staggering response to its game; accordingly, a lot of players have already reached the endgame.

Completing several Abyssal Domains in Genshin Impact not only require skills, but a powerful team that could take on any challenge. The decisions you make at the very beginning might affect you at higher ranks. Hence, players should always focus on certain factors while building their team.

YouTuber Gacha Gamer recently talked about three potential factors that could weaken your team in Genshin Impact:

Essence of resource management in Genshin Impact

As you progress in Genshin Impact, each character will take up more resources to level up and enhance their attributes. At first glance, leveling up each character equally might seem like the best strategy.

However, it is always better to manage your resources in an organized manner. In simpler words, always prioritize your team’s main damage dealer because leveling them up directly affects their performance. On the flip side, other members of your team like healers and crowd controllers can still perform well even if you don’t level them up as consistently.

For instance, Diona is an excellent support character. Rather than exhausting your resources to level her up to Lv. 90, it’s better to unlock her most useful passive talents like ‘Drunkard’s Farce’. Interestingly, all of these talents are available at Lv. 70.

A similar approach is helpful while leveling up the talent of your team’s characters. Avoid leveling up the talents of your support characters blatantly, instead, save your resin judicially for the main damage dealer.

Have you equipped any of these valuable Artifact Sets?

Artifacts are equipment items that increase character stats and equipping a certain number of artifacts within the five slots can trigger special bonuses. Two of the best Artifact Sets in the game are the Viridescent Venerer set and the Archaic Petra set. Specifically designed for the Anemo and Geo elements, these sets can significantly enhance your team’s stats with a small investment.

There are several other Artifact Sets in Genshin Impact that provide a similar boost to your team, including the Legacy set, the Noblesse Oblige set, and the Scholar set.

To sum up, equip the artifact sets that buff your main damage dealers.

Genshin Impact revolves around a plethora of characters that gain their power from seven distinct elements. These include Anemo, Geo, Electro, Dendro, Hydro, Pyro and Cyro. Naturally, it will be a rookie mistake if you prioritize any element over the others.

Therefore, try to develop two damage dealers from different elements and follow the same strategy with support members and healers.

These were some of the simplest, yet most effective tips that will help you in making the strongest teams in Genshin Impact. Despite being a non-competitive game, Genshin Impact compels its players to build strategies and play with the utmost skill.

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