The world of Genshin Impact is teeming with life for adventurers to discover. From villagers and townspeople that can sell items or provide quests to monsters and bosses waiting to be fought, there’s a lot of variety. Most might be familiar with the Hilichurl enemies, the run-of-the-mill mook of this world, but they have a rare variant hidden in certain areas.

Unusual Hilichurls are a version of the well-known monster that started appearing around Teyvat after the 1.1 update. They sport unusual clothes and aren’t as aggressive as their more common counterparts. Players have good reason to track them down, as they drop mora, a few cabbages, and 18 adventurer\’s experience. While those first 2 prizes can be found elsewhere, adventurer\’s experience is an important resource needed to increase adventure rank. Additionally, defeating this bizarre fellow 20 times will award the “…Well, That Was Strange” achievement. For those looking to hunt them down, here’s how to find Unusual Hilichurls in Genshin Impact.

Locating Unusual Hilichurls In Genshin Impact

These strange beings don’t appear randomly out in the world but are tied to specific locations. These places are typically scenic areas, overlooking a particular vista or landscape of interest. Many of these locations are also near viewpoints, which are vistas players can discover. Perhaps these Hilichurls are sightseers? They cannot be found in every spot, as only a limited number will spawn each day. Here are the possible locations they appear in, by region.

Mondstat Locations

  • The big tree at Windrive
  • The tip of Cape Oath
  • Outside the shrine in the northern portion of Stormbearer Mountains
  • The cliffs overlooking the Sword Cemetery at Daduapa Gorge
  • The eastern portion of the Lupus Boreas arena in Wolvendom
  • The southwestern bridge outside Stormterror’s Lair
  • Close to the Eye of the Storm boss location in Stormterror’s lair

Liyue Locations

  • Atop the cliffs near the Stonegate
  • The cliffs northeast of Liyue Harbor
  • East of the Statue of the Seven near Mingyun Village
  • The northern farms of Qingce Village
  • In between the Nine Pillars of Peace in the Cuijue Slope
  • The bridge leading to the towers at Tianque Valley
  • Overlooking the waterfalls at Lingju Pass
  • On top of the spiral stones on the west side of Qingyun Peak

Finding the Unusual Hilichurl is the hard part; beating it isn’t. They aren’t naturally hostile and will only engage in combat when provoked, so sneaking up on it like with other enemies is unnecessary. It has a few ranged attacks up its sleeve, so attacking from afar won\’t keep players safe. Bring out whatever high damage characters are available and wail away on it. Be mindful of the surroundings though, as many of the places this beast can be found are near cliffs with high falls.