Genshin Impact’s massive open-world has enamored countless players across the globe in only a few months. There are many places to discover and explore, filled with hidden treasures and items, but some locations are a bit trickier to find. Others are so out of reach, adventurers won’t be able to travel there until they’re better prepared. However, there is one such area that can be reached shortly after starting the game.

New players enter the world of Teyvat on the beaches of Stormbearer Point. While they head inland to start their adventure, they’ll want to return here later if they want to discover a secret uninhabited island off the coast. All the chests on this island have rare treasures, so it\’s worth the trip out there for starting players. There’s also a quest associated with this mysterious island called ‘Time and the Wind’, that can be activated once finding an old notebook hidden on the isle. Venturing far enough out to this island can be difficult, so here are 2 methods to make the journey.

Reaching Genshin Impact’s Secret Uninhabited Island

As stated, this island is off the coast of the starting location. There’s a waypoint there that can be teleported to for fast travel. Once there, players might start swimming to it, but they’ll run out of stamina before they can get there. Using Genshin Impact’s mechanics, there are alternative ways to make it there.

The Cryo Method

There are several different elements in the game, each with their own combos that players can take advantage of. For instance, Pyro attacks will burn anything tied to the Dendro element. Using this concept, the ice element, Cryo, can be used to freeze water. While this can be used to solidify Hydro enemies, it can also create frozen platforms over water. Though it takes some time, this can be used to make a temporary bridge to the secret island. Kaeya, one of the characters with Cryo abilities, joins the player after completing the second dungeon, so he’s a good candidate to pull off this ice bridge trick.

The Glider Method

The second method involves flying across with the wings that players receive from Amber early on. Reach the peak of Stormbearer Point and then glide across to the island. However, it is not so simple. Gliding also requires stamina and there isn’t enough to last the trip over, so players will need to find ways to improve their stamina meter to make it across. One such way is by cooking stamina boosting dishes. The Barbatos Ratatouille will reduce stamina usage for gliding and has easy to find ingredients, such as potatoes and onions. The recipe for it is gifted by a woman in white hair standing, coincidentally, near the same Stormbearer peak. She’ll offer it if asked about her family history. Another dish that will replenish stamina completely is the Northern Smoked Chicken. It can be bought in Springvale, a town south of Mondstadt.