Genshin Impact has become a sensation at an astonishing speed. Despite being free to play, it has made $100 million dollars in its first two weeks of release.

It\’s not hard to see why so many people are drawn to Genshin Impact. It features a big world on both mobile and consoles, with a semi-Breath of the Wild look. It\’s not an empty world either, as there are a lot of puzzles and small quests to explore alongside the main story. However, players have had trouble reaching that world lately, with an error message known as Error 4206 has been stopping players from logging on, and it shows no signs of stopping yet. Here are a few methods to try for getting around Error 4206.

Attempt 1: Turn Off VPN

The first thing players can try is to shut off any VPN they have active. It has been found consistently by players experiencing the error that it is related to network connectivity, and in some cases, a player\’s VPN will mess up the connection to Genshin Impact\’s servers. Players should be careful with this one, no matter how badly they want to level up in Genshin Impact, since VPNs impacts more than just the game.

Attempt 2: Private Wi-Fi

Players have also reported that the error message is encountered most often with public Wi-Fi. This is often the case when playing Genshin Impact on a cellphone away from home. Considering the fact that Genshin Impact has been downloaded over 17 million times on mobile, that\’s a situation a lot of players deal with. Switching to a private Wi-Fi or cellular data network might work, but if neither available, there are other options.

Attempt 3: Reset Device

It is a cliche to try \”turning it off and on again,\” but it is a cliche for a reason. Resetting or turning a console or mobile device off and then on again can reset its internet connection. It\’s a quick fix, and it may not work, but if it does players can jump back into Genshin Impact with plenty of time to get Elemental Crucible rewards.

Attempt 4: Reset Connection

If resetting the device directly doesn\’t work, players may have to directly reset their internet connection. Whether this is done through router or ethernet cable, hopefully, the reset connection will dust off the error. With luck, players will soon be experiencing the best that Genshin Impact has to offer again soon.

Genshin Impact is available for PC, PS4, and mobile devices.