How to Get the Peculiar Pinion in Genshin Impact (& What It's For)

The 2.2 update to Genshin Impact has new gadgets like the Peculiar Pinion and hangout events with Thoma and Sayu. The update also includes characters and quests, and has revealed the last Inazuma Island, Tsurumi. Players must complete missions that clear the mist covering Tsurumi Island. In order to complete the \”Through the Mists\” questline, players will need to find and use the Peculiar Pinion.

Before players can obtain the Peculiar Pinion, they will need to complete the first day and quest on Tsurumi Island, \”A Particularly Particular Author.\” This quest involves going to the ceremonial site on Tsurumi, completing several perch puzzles, and speaking to various characters throughout the mission. After finishing this quest, players will need to reset and go back to Tsurumi Island to complete the day two questline, \”Octave of the Maushiro.\”

The Peculiar Pinion works similar to the Memento Lens in Genshin Impact. When returning to Tsurumi Island after the reset, players will automatically receive the Peculiar Pinion after speaking to Ruu. This gadget can be used to activate the Bird Statues around the island. The Peculiar Pinion will also be used throughout the day two questline to find clues, activate statues, and interact with spirits. To complete the quest, players will need to solve puzzles, then return to Sumida in Inazuma City.

How to Use the Peculiar Pinion in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact continuously challenges players with mysteries, like the stone slate puzzle on Seirai Island, or the statue puzzles on Tsurumi Island. Completing the multiple Tsurumi Island puzzles requires activating statues and finding clues using the Peculiar Pinion. \”Octave of the Muashiro\” has a few different steps that require this new gadget.

Using the Peculiar Pinion for Octave of the Muashiro

Obtain the Peculiar Pinion from Ruu on Tsurumi Island.Use the gadget to activate the first Bird Statue, then speak to the illusion that appears.Look for buried objects.Speak to the three groups of people at the ceremonial site.Use the Peculiar Pinion to search for clues in Wakukau Shoal, then speak the illusion.Solve the stone puzzle by using the Peculiar Pinion on the mysterious carvings.Search for clues in Oina Beach and speak to another illusion.Move the stones and solve the puzzle, then travel to Autake Plains.The Peculiar Pinion will be used next to search for clues and find the missing stones.Replace the stones, then return to the ceremonial site.Finally, speak to Sumida in Inazuma City.

The Peculiar Pinion gadget is used for various tasks throughout the \”Octave of the Muashiro\” quest. Once this quest is completed, players will unlock the next step in clearing the mist on Tsurumi Island. Along with the Peculiar Pinion gadget, there are a few additional changes that were introduced in Genshin Impact 2.2, and players can explore each update as they complete Tsurumi Island.

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