There are a variety of weapons that players can acquire in Genshin Impact. Since one of the major ways to get good weapons is through gacha mechanics, players may be looking for weapons that they can get through regular gameplay instead. Luckily, such weapons do exist, and one of these is the Prototype Rancour.

The way Prototype Rancour is spelled may create a degree of rancor among those who do not use British spelling. A description in the game for the Prototype Rancour states that it is “An ancient longsword discovered in the Blackcliff Forge that cuts through rocks like a hot knife through butter.”  Yes, people in Genshin Impact really do use swords as mining tools for some reason. Claymores are even better at mining than regular swords. Have these people never heard of a pickaxe?

Getting the Prototype Rancour in Genshin Impact

The Prototype Rancour is a 4-star sword and is one of the better swords in Genshin Impact. While it may not take the number one slot, it will serve players well enough through most content, and it can be reliably obtained since there is no randomness with gacha Wishing required.

The Prototype Rancour can be used by Bennett, Jean, Kaeya, Keqing, Qiqi, Xingqiu, and the Traveler. As it is a 4-star weapon, it has good stats, and it also has a passive ability called Smashed Stone: “On hit, Normal or Charged Attacks increase ATK and DEF by 4% for 6s. Max 4 stacks. This effect can only occur once every 0.3s.” That 4% increases per rank in the sword as well, with 8% at rank 5.

There are two different ways of getting the Prototype Rancour. The easiest is simply to get to Adventure Rank 10. Upon reaching that rank, players are automatically rewarded with the sword. Reaching Adventure Rank 10 can be done just by normally playing the game. Co-Op mode doesn’t even unlock until Adventure Rank 16, by comparison.

The second way to get a Prototype Rancour is to craft one at the blacksmith in Mondstadt. This way requires significantly more work. The blacksmith requires three things. First, players will need to collect 50 Crystal Chunks. These are relatively rare. They can be found in the wild, but are most common in Stormterror’s Lair. Next, the player needs 50 White Iron Chunks. These are also rare, but can be found on Stormbearer’s Mountain, Stormbearer’s Point, around Qingyun Peak, and other areas as well. The last thing the players need to craft the Prototype Rancour is the Northlander Sword Prototype. The Northlander Sword Prototype can be dropped by defeating weekly bosses, or it can be purchased from the Souvenir Shop in Mondstadt for 225 Anemo Sigils.