How to Play Co-Op Mode With Friends in Genshin Impact

Despite being an RPG, MiHoYo‘s Genshin Impact offers an innovative co-op mode where up to four travelers can adventure simultaneously. Players can take on domains and monsters, search for treasures, and explore Tevyat together.

Unlike other games, playing together with friends is a tedious task in Genshin Impact. YouTuber MonkeyKingHero talked about the game’s co-op mode in a recent video:

How to host and join co-op multiplayer in Genshin Impact

Players must note that the co-op mode is only available for players above Adventure Rank 16. Also, cross-play between PC, Mobile and PS4 is only possible if the players are on the same regional server. Hence, only after satisfying these parameters can friends play together.

The procedure to play co-op in a random lobby is not much of a hassle at all. Players can simply click on the co-op mode and request to join the online channels.

However, one has to alter the channel settings to play with friends. In ‘My Multiplayer’ settings, choose the ‘Join After Approval’ setting. Following that, just search the friend’s Player UID and join them in the adventures.

Players can invite friends from the ‘friends’ menu, which shows their online status. The online status filters the inactive players and makes it easier for friends to coordinate with each other.

Activities to do in co-op mode

The co-op mode in Genshin Impact comes with its own set of restrictions. Some primary features of the game, like Story Quests, Spiral Abyss, Shops, Oculi, and chests are not available for the second player. However, the host player does not face any of these limitations.

Despite the restrictions, one can still enjoy the multiplayer mode with several quests like the daily quests and world quests. There are always a ton of resources to collect and monsters to hunt.

Also, the developers recently introduced the first limited-time event for the co-op mode. Named Elemental Crucible, this co-op event was live between October 12-19, 2020. Fans will cherish playing more such events with their friends.

Certainly, the Genshin Impact co-op mode significantly adds to the game’s single-player meta. The game is not competitive at all, however, one can still play with their friends and explore the beautiful open world.

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