The latest update in Genshin Impact has brought with it a new limited-time event titled The Unreconciled Stars. The first phase of which required players to journey across Teyvat in search of seven meteorites while also completing various single-player quests. However, the second phase not only has players visiting giant meteorites but also requires them to salvage Meteorite Remains.

This is the first event of its kind in Genshin Impact, and MiHoYo promises more to come. Completing all three phases of this event before it ends will reward the player with a large number of Primogems which can be used to purchase wishes, but it will also allow the player to unlock the coveted lightning archer Fischl. Fischl is usually obtained by using fates to make wishes while the player crosses their fingers and hopes to unlock her. But now, The Unreconciled Stars event allows players to use a little elbow grease to unlock her instead. Here is how to complete the second phase of the event by salvaging Meteorite Remains.

How To Salvage Meteorite Remains In Genshin Impact

The second phase of The Unreconciled Stars event requires the player to collect a number of Meteorite Remains by interacting with large meteorites that are scattered around Teyvat. Unlike Phase 1, players can bring a few friends along to make collecting Meteorite Remains a little easier. When activating a meteorite, players can select from three different difficulty options, each one having a different number of Meteorite Remains offered as a reward. Similar to Genshin Impact\’s Leylines, once a meteorite is activated waves of enemies will appear for the player to defeat. Once defeated, players will then have the option to spend some of their Original Resin in order to collect the Meteorite Remains and other rewards.

In addition to collecting shards, players will be rewarded with 30 Primogems every five meteorites they are able to salvage. Players will also gain access to three single-player quests during this phase and will receive Fading Star\’s Might to spend at the event shop. Players do not have to collect the rewards at the end of each meteorite challenge in order to save their Original Resin, but collecting the reward is the only way to earn Meteorite Remains. Waiting for Original Resin to recharge can make this task take longer, but the reward is well worth the wait.