There always seems to be something new to explore and discover in Genshin Impact. This free-to-play game tasks players with exploring its massive open-world as they complete tasks and unlock the secrets tucked away in its different nooks and crannies. Many of these secrets are hidden behind different challenging puzzles that will put players wits and understanding of the game\’s mechanics to the test. The reward for doing so is always more than worth the effort as well.

Once such secret can be found in the Liyue region of the map at Tianqiu Valley. Players will need to complete a series of different puzzles in order to unlock some treasure chests full of all kinds of different goodies. In order to complete this quest though players will need to have a solid outfit of different characters that have access to different sets of elements. This guide shows players how to unlock the Secret of Tianqiu Valley.

Genshin Impact: How to Locate Tianqiu Valley

The first thing that players will need to do is track down Tianqiu Valley itself. They will find it far to the southwest of the map in the Liyue region. This isn\’t a region that players will have much reason to visit early on in the game, so most likely they won\’t find themselves in the area until they make it further into the story. Players will first want to gain access to a nearby Shrine in order to reveal the map here, which will make it easier to navigate.

Once players have done this they will find Tianqiu Valley to the west of Luhua Pool area. As they arrive there will be three towers that they will see in the region that makes up Tianqiu Valley. Each of these towers has something to do with the puzzles that they will need to eventually solve.  In order to begin solving these puzzles though, players will first need to unlock the quest itself. In the center of the three towers, there will be a small statue with three holes arranged around it. There will be a tablet near the statue that players will need to read in order to receive the Tianqiu Valley quest. After doing this players will be directed to travel to each of the towers in order to solve the puzzles.

Genshin Impact: Southern Tower

This tower is less of a puzzle and more of a time trial. Players will be tasked with defeating all of the enemies in the area within a specific time frame, which means that players will need to be very fast and have a solid team built up. Players should add their strongest and most balanced team members to their party before attempting the southern tower portion of the quest.

The first floor of the tower forces players to defeat four enemies within forty seconds, and the second and third floors give them sixty seconds to defeat five enemies. As long as players have a well-balanced team and use their elements strategically with each other, this shouldn\’t be too much trouble for them. Once all three floors have been beaten players will be able to pick up their first prism of the quest.

Genshin Impact: Western Tower

The Western Tower is a climbing/platforming challenge that tasks players with making it to the top of the tower within sixty seconds. This is no easy feat, but the upside is that players don\’t have to worry about balancing their team or worrying about character levels. The one thing that players will have to worry about is their stamina gauge. When the game begins, players don\’t have much in the way of stamina, so it may be a good idea to boost this gauge as much as possible. This can be done by collecting amenoculus or geoculous throughout the world and offering them to shrines to boost this gauge as much as possible.

There is also another trick to making this task much simpler though. Players can always switch their main character\’s ability from Ameno to Geo at a Geo shrine nearby. This will allow them to build Geo crystals on the tower which can help with platforming or given a place to rest when the player is low on stamina. Additionally, players who have managed to unlock Venti can use his wind abilities to help themselves climb faster. Either way, players will need to climb this tower as quickly as possible, and it may take them a few tries in order to make it up within the time limit. On top players will find the second prism for their quest.

Genshin Impact: Northern Tower

The northern tower may be the most difficult puzzle for players to solve in this quest. Players will need to bring a Pyro character with them as they will be forced to light torches with their elemental ability. While players can technically bring any Pyro character along, it is probably best to bring Amber as her firing speed and long-distance fire ability will make this puzzle much easier.

The first floor of the tower has a series of torches arranged in a triangle in front of the player. At first, this looks like a relatively simple \”light all the torches\” puzzle that players are accustomed to. The trick here though is that as players light one torch it will force the ones next to either be lit or go out. This means that players will first need to light the torch at the top of the pyramid first, which will in turn light the two below it. Players will then need to light the middle torch at the bottom of the pyramid, which will light the rest of the pyramid.

The second floor makes things a little more difficult as the torches are all aligned in a star pattern. Players should first light the torches furthest to the left and then the one furthest to the right. Once this is done they can light the one furthest away from them and then the one closest. This will light all of the torches up and allow the player to move up to the third floor.

The last puzzle is a real doozy if players don\’t know what they are doing. First, they will need to play around with shooting the torches until only one torch is lit. This may take a little bit of trial and error, but it will happen eventually. After that, they will need to shoot the torch next to it and light it up as well. After that, they should shoot the two torches perpendicular to the first torch. This will light everything up and allow players to get the prism inside.

Once players have completed all of the towers they can bring the three prisms back to the statue and insert them into the holes. This will spawn a bunch of enemies that must be killed, but after that players will be able to claim their reward for completing this difficult quest.