I can’t beat the current spiral Abyss floor 12. What should I change about my team combs? | Genshin Impact

I use Ningguang and Diluc as main DPSs. I have a fully build Zhongli (support), decently build Fischl (Oz support), not so well build Rosaria (cryo support, burst support), ok-ish Sucrose (swirl support), Qiqi (not so well build cryo healer and applier), Noelle (shield, healer but not done building her) and Bennett (support). I usually use Sucrose, Bennett, Fischl with Diluc and Zhongli, Qiqi, Rosaria with Ningguang in a Team. I managed to 2-Star chamber 1 but my Diluc team (second team) always dies in the second half of chamber 2 floor 12. Who should I prioritize building? My Dilucs dmg is quite decent and the Ningguang team does quite well since I put Zhongli in there. Any suggestions? I’d be really thankful to receive any help!

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