I’m 15 and I’m wondering if I’m depressed. I’m having trouble with motivation to do or care about normal things and things I used to enjoy. I also think I have gender dysphoria. Am I using these as an excuse for laziness, mood, and hygiene problems?

Honestly, So what if you’re using it as an excuse? Depression is hard to cope with, Though you probably know that already.

Trust me, I’ve been there before. I still am there.

You will get through it. Not can, You will.

Try going by different pronouns online to see what you like best, And if you know there’s someone that you can absolutely trust, Tell them about your situation. Don’t do it alone like I did, For battles like this are not meant to be fought alone.

If you have Discord or Genshin Impact, Send me your username/tag or UID via the comments in this message so we can talk more. I’ll add you back as soon as I can. I would send you my username, But it’s in a bunch of fancy fonts and my alters constantly change it. I hope this message was somewhat useful, If not, Just know that I care.

Please keep going for the ones would couldn’t.

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