Marvel\’s Avengers released over one month ago to a somewhat mixed reaction. While some players seemed to enjoy the game for its combat systems and heroic campaign, other players found it hard to get past the game\’s live service elements and bugs. In fact there were so many bugs in Marvel\’s Avengers at launch that it needed a patch two weeks after release that fixed over 1,000 issues.

While Marvel\’s Avengers initially released with a level of enthusiasm from Marvel fans, it seems like support for the game has dwindled significantly. Within the past week, it was reported that the PC version of Marvel\’s Avengers had a concurrent audience of below 1,000 players, which is leading to significant matchmaking issues on the platform. Whether this is due to frustration with the gameplay loop, irritation with the game\’s many bugs, or more players being interested in the PS4 version since it will feature exclusive heroes, it\’s hard to say. However, since Marvel\’s Avengers\’ launch, another live service game has entered the fray, with many of its players still singing its praises weeks after launch.

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Developer miHoYo released the open world RPG Genshin Impact just over two weeks ago, and it has taken the world and gaming community by storm. Not only does the game feature a vast map comparable in size to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but it is a free-to-play game with a robust, colorful cast of characters that fill various roles on a team. And while there are many things that Genshin Impact and Marvel\’s Avengers share in common, there is one feature that Genshin has that could improve overall gameplay for Avengers\’ players.

Party/Character Management

In Marvel\’s Avengers, players can engage in the world by selecting one of the game\’s many Marvel heroes. The player\’s party is then filled with other AI-controlled superheroes from the roster like The Hulk or Iron Man to assist them as they take on various missions. While this may be fine for players that are fans of only one hero like Captain America, the way these parties are set up could cause some issues in unexpected ways.

As one example, Marvel\’s Avengers won\’t allow players to have duplicate characters when playing with friends. Say two friends decide they would like to play together in the game and they\’ve both been spending their time leveling up Thor. One of these players will have to switch to another hero they likely haven\’t spent as much time playing, thus giving the players a much rougher experience while playing together.

This system also give players the opportunity to feel more in control of the flow of combat as a whole. By allowing Genshin Impact players to rapidly change between their characters, they don\’t need to worry if their AI teammates will be focused on the wrong enemy or the wrong objective. Instead, players can wield their character roster to their advantage, allowing them to pull off powerful combos through Elemental Reactions.

So while Marvel\’s Avengers could certainly take thorough notes on how well miHoYo monetizes Genshin Impact, Square Enix\’s focus might be better utilized by observing its party system. By implementing Genshin\’s hotswapping mechanics, Avengers players will likely become more familiar with the various heroes, not have to worry about buggy AI, and get back to saving the world from the likes of MODOK and Taskmaster.

Marvel\’s Avengers is available now on PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.