While miHoYo\’s  free-to-play open world RPG Genshin Impact has proven to be quite popular over the past month, that doesn\’t mean the game is free of flaws or blemishes. In particular, players have been incredibly vocal of how certain systems, like Resin, don\’t work properly or in a way that is beneficial to higher level players. However, now it seems that players have begun discovering something that\’s likely even more important than the lack of Resin: incorrect weapon and Artifact descriptions.

Typos and incorrect descriptions aren\’t uncommon within the world of video games. Even games like Super Mario 3D All-Stars feature typos. And while it isn\’t uncommon, typos, mistranslations, or wrong item descriptions have more severe consequences in an RPG like Genshin Impact than the dialogue of a Mario game.

Tectone, a YouTube and Twitch streamer that specializes in gacha games, took to his YouTube channel outlining and going into great detail how three items in Genshin Impact do not work the way their English descriptions say they do. First, he goes into detail about the catalyst weapon known as The Widsith. Considered by several players to be one of the best catalyst weapons in the game, The Widsith features a unique ability based on various musical terms and, according to its description, is supposed to passively apply various buffs to all of a player\’s party members. This does not seem to be the case, however, as Tectone demonstrates that the book actually only applies the buffs to the character to which it is equipped.

It turns out some Artifact sets don\’t work quite the way their descriptions read, either. The Instructor\’s set, which is a fairly common Artifact set players can find in Genshin Impact, focuses on increasing character\’s Elemental Mastery stat. According to the description, when player\’s equip four pieces of The Instructor\’s set to one of their characters, it should give a party-wide buff to Elemental Mastery when the character triggers their Elemental Skill. In reality, the effect will only activate after the character equipped with the set triggers an Elemental Reaction with their Elemental Skill, and it will only apply it to the two characters that created the Reaction.