People who do rituals before rolling in Genshin Impact, have any of the rituals worked? If so, what were the rituals?

here are some for some specific characters but u can try on another if u want:


I just sat on ventis statue with a hydro character (Barbara) and played a summoning ritual on yt while wishing (he came home at 28 pity lol)


since I had Childe, I used him as a bait. So I went to the rite of descension area and wished with Childe (I also played a zhongli summoning ritual on yt and he came home on 20 pity)


I actually lost the 5050 for her (got keqing while sitting on ventis statue at like 60 pity) but I did manage to get Klee in the end.

I sacrificed all my pyro characters, and I sat on ventis statue with lumine (or aether if u chose him) and changed the time in genshin to 10 minutes before the real time irl. And since I had 2 free standard banner wishes, I alternated between event wishes and standard wishes, and she came home on 14 pity 😀

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