One Redditor claims to have datamined images showing the four-star Genshin Impact characters featured in the two Banners that are to follow Klee\’s Sparkling Steps. Though it hasn\’t been confirmed by the moderators, these bundles make the most sense as supporting four-stars to come alongside Banners featuring the upcoming Childe and Zhongli.

With the formal announcement of the 1.1 update coming to Genshin Impact, it\’s been confirmed that the next two Banners will feature Zhongli, a polearm and Geo user, and Childe, a Hydro and bow wielder, and it looks like Xiao won\’t be releasing as soon as some fans would have hoped. The 1.1 update will finish off the Liyue region\’s main storyline, and in it, Childe and Zhongli are meant to play large roles. Likewise, they will each receive a Banner to complement their full release as playable characters, and one Reddit user claims to have datamined the PNG images from the next two Genshin Impact Banners.

According to these images leaked on Reddit by u/wrightosaur, these Banners will each feature the previously predicted Diona (Cryo and Bow) and Xinyan (Pyro and Claymore), who have been playtested recently for their upcoming releases. The Version 1.1 trailer and showcase confirmed their release alongside Childe and Zhongli, so it\’s very likely they would also appear as four-stars with increased rates in these Banners.

If these allegedly leaked Banner images are legitimate, it\’s not difficult to figure out which trio will release alongside which rare five-star character. Because Ningguang is also a Geo user, it is highly unlikely that Zhongli would appear in this Banner as it doesn\’t follow the patterns of past Genshin Impact Banners. Also, other Redditors have pointed out the faint blue glow that surrounds Diona\’s legs, and a similar orange glow that can be seen in the image with Razor, Chongyun, and Xinyan. These would suggest the blue from Childe\’s Hydro powers and Zhongli\’s orange from his Geo abilities.


However, some fans remain skeptical that these images from u/wrightosaur are the real deal, mainly due to the number of claymore wielders are featured in these pictures. In the right image, Chongyun, Razor, and Xinyan all use a claymore as a weapon of choice, while to the left, the only user of the same weapon is Beidou. Although, this could simply be due to how few claymore users have appeared in the game so far.

Additionally, it\’s worth noting that the PNG images of Genshin Impact characters with transparent backgrounds are readily available online, so it\’s not difficult for fans to throw images like the ones seen above together. That being said, based on what\’s known about Version 1.1, these images point to being highly probable.

Genshin Impact is available on mobile devices, PC, and PS4 with a PS5 and Switch versions in development.