The world of Skyrim mods is still as active in 2020 as it had been when it first released in 2011, with almost a decade worth of gaming slowly making its way into the legendary title. A recent mod has even taken one of the biggest titles of the year, Genshin Impact, and pulled it into Bethesda\’s most prolific title to date.

Created by modder Royan and recently uploaded to Nexus Mods, this recent mod adds a whole new slew of weapons to Skyrim, giving players dozens of new options for how to protect themselves as they explore through the massive world. The result is some stunning looking items transferring from the cel-shaded title that almost brings a Breath of the Wild styled collection that stands out against The Elder Scrolls\’ more realistic designs.

This mod brings in dozens of Genshin Impact weapons of three different classes, one-handed swords, two-handed swords, and bows, and lets players wield them as their modded Dragonborn. While the collection isn\’t a complete list of every weapon available in Genshin Impact, it does bring 46 weapons from the previously mentioned weapon classes into Skyrim. The original modder hasn\’t mentioned yet whether or not future updates to the mod will be bringing more weapons, although, Genshin Impact is currently still adding new gear, so a complete list might not be possible for quite a while.

In the current build of the mod, there isn\’t an organic way to get these weapons in-game through normal means like smithing or looting from random chests and enemies. Getting the weapons after downloading the mod requires using the \”additems\” console commands to manually spawn each of these items into the game. This isn\’t the first, and likely won\’t be the last, Skyrim mod that requires console commands to access new content, but Royan may continue to update better accessibility in the future.

It\’s still incredible how active the modding community for Skyrim still is, making the anticipation for The Elder Scrolls 6 even higher as both Bethesda\’s development and fan-created content brings the series to Next-Gen gaming. The release of a new game likely won\’t stop fans from adding more content onto Skyrim, especially considering the ongoing projects still attempting to improve the almost ten year old game. For now, Royan\’s recent addition of these Genshin Impact weapons should be enough to keep players engaged until Bethesda finally makes the jump from teasers trailers to release.

Skyrim is available now on all major platforms.