Over the past several weeks, miHoYo has been slowly revealing the various English and Japanese voice actors for Genshin Impact\’s growing roster of characters. Players have kept their eyes glued to the official Genshin Impact Twitter as various talented performers have been revealed, such as Erika Harlacher (Ann Takamaki in Persona 5) taking on the role of Venti. The developer has now kicked things up notch with its latest voice artist announcement for a character that has not made their appearance in the game yet.

Yuri Lowenthal (Spider-Man in Insomniac\’s Spider-Man PS4 game) will be the English voice actor for the character Dainsleif. Dainsleif is described by miHoYo as \”a man of mysterious origins\” and has been nicknamed the Bough Keeper. The character was first announced at TGS 2020, however, this is the first time the character has been brought up since.

Very little is known about Dainsleif at this time, including what weapon he uses, his Element of choice, or what role he will play in the plot of Genshin Impact going forward. However, it seems that Dainsleif hails from the same nation as Kaeya, Khaenri\’ah, that currently has no known Element associated with it. This could mean that the character\’s associated Vision Element could be a newly introduced Element besides the seven that are currently in the game, however this is just speculation.

While the Bough Keeper himself is still a mystery to Genshin Impact players, there is a possibility that players have already seen him in action. In the Genshin Impact 1.1 update trailer, there are few frames of a mysterious masked figure whose clothing seem similar to that of Dainsleif. If this is in fact him, players may get their first taste of the character\’s personality in the conclusion of the Liyue story arc promised in version 1.1.

Genshin Impact players certainly seem to have quite a bit of content to look forward to over the coming months. November 11 marks the release of the 1.1 update where players will be treated to a wealth of new content including quality of life changes, new Genshin Impact world events, and new story content.

Version 1.1 will also bring with it new characters for players to summon through the game\’s gacha system. It was recently announced that the first special event banner will feature two new characters with Childe and Diona. The event banner will also see an increased rate of summoning Ningguang and Beidou for their team. It seems that Genshin Impact players will have plenty of things to occupy their time as they close out the year.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PS4, and mobile devices.