In the free to play action-RPG Genshin Impact, players will build up a party with different characters, weapons, and artifacts. Each of these has different rarities, indicated by stars, 1-star being the most common, and 5-stars being the hardest to get.

In order to succeed in Genshin Impact, it’s best to have a varied party, and it’s especially important to have a party member who can use a claymore. Claymores do good damage and are useful for mining because they can break rocks quickly. Apparently, pickaxes are hard to come by in Teyvat? Anyway, here are some of the best claymores that can be found in Genshin Impact.

Best Claymores in Genshin Impact

Right now, there are only two 5-star claymores in the game, and the only way to get them is through Wishes. Since weapons have more base damage the higher their rarity, it’s a great find if a player manages to get a 5-star weapon.

  • Wolf’s Gravestone – has high damage output and has an ability that boosts base attack damage against enemies with low health.
  • Skyward Pride – has a powerful ability with the fantastic name “Sky-ripping Dragon Spine.” Not only does it deal increased damage, but upon using the elemental burst, it creates a vacuum blade that deals extra damage to enemies along its path

There are several great 4-star claymores that can be found in the game through Wishes, Battle Pass, or through forging them at the blacksmith. As can be expected, they are a little easier to obtain than the 5-star weapons.

  • Prototype Aminus – this claymore gets an A-. It is very powerful, and that is how it is actually spelled (it’s not animus). Upon striking an enemy, normal or charged attacks have a 50% chance to deal a large amount of damage in an AoE centered around the player. Great for clearing out mobs of enemies.
  • Royal Greatsword – after hitting an enemy, crit rate is increased by 8%, with a maximum of 5 stacks. A critical hit will remove the stacks. This is a great claymore for characters with crit builds.
  • Blackcliff Slasher – increases attack after defeating an enemy. The effect has 3 stacks maximum, and each stack lasts for 30 seconds independent of the other stacks. This is another good claymore for clearing mobs of enemies.
  • Lithic Blade – the best claymore in terms of theme (not necessarily in terms of damage). Each character who comes from Liyue (a region in the game) increases the attack and crit rate of the weapon. Speaking of which, two of the claymore-users are from Liyue, Beidou and Chongyun. Yes, this is a very situational sword.

There are other good claymores that can be obtained in Genshin Impact, but these are some to get started with, and are useful no matter the party composition, apart from the Lithic Blade.