The Best Upcoming Wishes to Pull in Genshin Impact (November 2021)

Genshin Impact routinely swaps banners out every two to three weeks, with the next banner, Moment of Bloom, releasing on November 2, 2021. Players have the opportunity to unlock new characters and weapons when new banners are released.

Players spend Primogems using the Wish mechanic to acquire the new characters and weapons featured in the banner. Some Wishes are better to pull than others, with certain characters and weapons having more powerful attributes. Each banner typically contains a higher drop-rate boost for one five-star character and three four-star characters. Only two characters have been confirmed for the new Genshin Impact Moment of Bloom update. The rest have yet to be confirmed to the public.

The current banner, Farewell of Snezhnaya, gives players a higher chance to pull four characters: Tartaglia (also known as Childe), Ningguang, Chognyun, and Yanfei. The banner also gives players a higher chance of receiving seven weapons: Polar Star, Memory of Dust, Akuomaru, Favonius Sword, Favonius Lance, Eye of Perception, and Rust. The Farewell of Snezhnaya banner will be expiring on November 2, when Moment of Bloom is introduced.

Pulling The Best Wishes During The Upcoming November Banners In Genshin Impact

genshin impact hu tao

Moment of Bloom: the upcoming banner will have two confirmed character drop-rate boosts. The first character, Hu Tao, wields a polearm and is a pyro-based five-star character. The second character, Thoma, is a four-star Polearm user. The rest of the characters featured in the Moment of Bloom banner have not been formally announced.

Depending on any given player’s character lineup, they will have different preferences for which Wishes to pull during the Moment of Bloom banner. However, regardless of players’ lineups, Hu Tao is a phenomenal main DPS character. Thoma is also a great choice for a main DPS character, although Hu Tao is objectively better for DPS.

Update 2.3: the update after Moment of Bloom should be released about three weeks after November 2. This update is expected to have Gorou and Arataki Itto as featured characters, though nothing has been confirmed. Itto is a five-star Geo character, and Gorou is a four-star Geo character. Gorou is a solid main DPS character who uses a bow weapon, and Arataki Itto is also a main DPS character who wields a claymore weapon. Itto and Gorou are both Geo characters, and as such, are best suited to being on a team with other Geo characters. Pulling a wish for either character would be a fantastic addition to a Geo-based team in Genshin Impact.

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