What are the top 5 open world games for Android 2021?

  1. Minecraft.

It is the most popular and growing but paid game in android. Minecraft launched Pocket edition for android users. It is a open world game quite similar to our daily life. Having three worlds (over world, Nether and End world) makes the game much addictive.

Minecraft has a lots of things in it that you can do anything ( anything means whatever you want) and also build starting from a hut to biggest mansion.

Lots of mobs such as cows, ships, pigs, horses, dogs etc etc and some hostile creatures including zombie, skeleton and creepers make the game much funnier.

You have to live in the world and survive fighting with those hostile creatures and surviving those scary nights and get improvement and finally go to end world kill the Ender dragon. It is the main objective of the game. This game is paid so you have to buy the game to play.

But there are many ways to get it.( Download from website) (illegally).

2. ARK: Survival Evolved

It is also a massive open World game in which you are landed upon a planet full of dinosours.

You have to survive by collecting resources and making yourself more stronger by gathering XP.

Also tamimg the dinosours and making your dinosour army and wondering the big massive and highly graphical world which looks almost as real life.

You can also play with your friends making a server for free and also make your own tribe. And rule the world.

And most important it is free. 😀

3. Farming simulator

Those who like to play simulation games make progress in game and wants a peaceful gameplay then Farming simulator is best.

It a open world game in which you have to play as a farmer, and do hard work and get progress.

This game has a map, with lots of big and small crop fields in which tou have to do farming and ship the yielded items in some stations, bakery, mills.

With addition of lots of machines such as tractors, harvesters, sewing machine and transporting vehicles. You can buy or take rent them and use for your farming.

You can do crop farming as well as wood business and egg and milk buisness too.

There are a lots of things in the game. But it is also paid. But one secret not too much difficult to get it for free. 😉

With addition to that there are a lots of open world games which are free to play and intresting but i an not explaining much but just tell the games like,

4. Genshin impact ( for anime lovers)

5. Last day on earth: survival ( action and adventure)

6. Pokemon GO ( pokemon lovers)

7. Stardew valley ( Looks old but addictive)

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