What bothers you more about an anime fandom, toxic shippers or powerscaling junkies?

Idk what power scalers are, but definitely toxic shippers currently, I ship at least one ship in almost every franchise, show, game, or anime/manga I like, but I’m not attacking other ships and mentioning them everytime that franchise/show/game/anime/manga is mentioned, there are other characters. Sure I’ll rant about the ones I find illogical, such as Ash Ketchum x Iris, but I don’t purposely attack people for it. Some people seem to forget that alot of franchises/shows/games/animes/manga are multiverses, and for good reason. Pokemon being a multiverses gives more flexibility for fans, as your friend obviously didn’t use the same team as you did in DPP. Same with Zelda and Genshin Impact Both Zelda and Genshin Impact have clearly hinted that they are multiverses. The way you do things would change things, maybe based on the fact that you pulled Diluc and Jean is why you ship them, and for good reason as they are adventuring with each other, IN YOUR SIDE OF THE MULTIVERSE. While meanwhile someone else ships Kayne and Jean for similar reasons, ON THEIR SIDE OF THE MULITVERSE. But people are stupid, not all of us, but some, so they either feel entitled that “EVERY MULITVERSE HAS TO HAVE MISTY AND ASH GET MARRIED”. But then there are also people to stupid to understand what multiverses are “SO EVERYONE MUST SHIP ASH AND SERENA BECAUSE THEY ARE THE ONLY SHIP POSSIBLE”. As someone who has severe Anxiety, this is why I don’t often talk about shipping on the internet (because people like making me have an Anxiety attack for 3 hours) or search it up (because Google thinks I like anything related to it).

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