What country is the second biggest consumer of anime after Japan?

Easy second, China. In terms of the number of people that watch anime, it can even rival the big daddy Japan because of its huge population. The Chinese anime market is estimated to be $21bn in 2017.

Manga and anime are popular in China since the 1980s because of fewer cultural differences. Slam Dunk and One Piece are even somewhat mainstream that many web novels and Chinese TV series I watched have references to these shows.

‘Your name’ raked in $76.7mn in its 14 weeks of release and was enormously popular among Chinese youth.

China International Cartoon and Animation Festival attracted more than million attendees in 2017 with fans buying merchandise worth ~$300mn.

Even anime-related games are popular in China. Starting from Onmyoji that got $150mn in sales from in-game purchases in its first three months to the more recent international hit ‘Genshin Impact’, many games that have anime elements are popular.


Anime a $21bn market — in China

Anime enjoys explosive popularity in China

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