Genshin Impact, the free-to-play RPG from developers miHoYo, released just over a week ago to a warm reception from fans and critics alike. The game has been praised for its expansive open-world, frenetic combat, and lowkey Gacha elements. Over the course of Genshin Impact, players explore the world, unlock characters, find loot, and gain Adventure Ranks, but as players near the end of the game, there\’s the inevitable question of what to do.

The max Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact is 60, but even players who are only halfway there are looking out for new challenges to overcome. While most casual players are still in the low levels, some hardcore players have already reached 40. So, when the story quests dry up, here\’s what to do in Genshin Impact.

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Heading East

The biggest, and pretty much only, piece of endgame content currently in Genshin Impact is the Spiral Abyss. This special dungeon is a type of Abyssal Domain that changes twice a month. It is first unlocked at Adventure Rank 20, and can be found on Musk Reef in the far east of the map. It\’s worth noting that the Spiral Abyss isn\’t available in Genshin Impact\’s co-op mode.

The first challenge for players is getting out to Musk Reef itself. This is done by finding the portal right at the edge of Cape Oath. There are a few Electro Slimes in the ruins underneath it, which players may want to defeat to make the portal easier to access. To reach it, players will need to complete one of Genshin Impact\’s exploration challenges. In this case, it involves guiding the three Seelies around the Cape back to their statues.

These Seelies can be found:

  • Northwest of the ruins, among some trees.
  • At the very point of Cape Oath
  • Atop a large cliff south of the ruins.

Once the Seelies have returned, an air spout will activate, allowing the player to jump up and into the portal. Not only will this transport them to Musk Reef, it\’ll also award an achievement and 5 of the Primogen currency.

Into the Abyss

In the center of the Musk Reef region, there\’s a large gateway that is the actual entrance into the Spiral Abyss. The dungeon is divided into 8 floors, each of which contains 3 chambers. In turn, each of those chambers contains 3 challenges that must be completed, each earning an Abyssal Star. Once a player has gained 6 Abyssal Stars from a floor, they will be able to progress to the next one.

What\’s Next?

It hasn\’t even been two weeks since Genshin Impact launched, and very few players have reached the endgame. As a result, there isn\’t much else to do after the main story quests at the moment. In fact, the way that the main story is laid out means that it will continue with new updates as the game grows.

As a game with Gacha-style mechanics, Genshin Impact relies on players being excited by new loot and characters, so without updates and additions, this excitement could soon dry up. Therefore, players can reasonably expect to see quite a bit of new content for Genshin Impact over the coming months, including characters, artifacts, and endgame challenges.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PS4, and mobile devices.