Since being one of the breakout hits of 2020, Genshin Impact has gained an enormous following worldwide. Fans of the open-world RPG are constantly looking for new content, and developer miHoYo thankfully continues putting out a steady stream of it. Playable characters, new Genshin Impact story quests, and events are routinely added to the game. Now that the 1.1 update is starting to wrap up, though, fans are looking ahead for Genshin Impact\’s Patch 1.2.

Rumors and leaks have been prevalent in the weeks leading up to Genshin Impact\’s 1.2 update. Even before 1.1 characters like Zhongli and Xinyan have released, leaks of allegedly new playable characters have shown up online over the past few days. Presumably, these new characters will appear in the 1.2 update for Genshin Impact.