The world of Genshin Impact has a lot for players to discover including hidden puzzles, secret areas, and a lot of miscellaneous items. Almost every item in the game has a specific purpose even if that purpose isn\’t super obvious. One peculiar item that players will need to collect a few of are the Stones of Remembrance, but they aren\’t the easiest items to get ahold of.

Stones of Remembrance have once purpose, and that is to unlock the Nine Pillars of Peace dungeon. As the name implies, players will need to get their hands on nine Stones of Remembrance which can take a lot of time if players don\’t know what they are looking for. However, the reward for obtaining all nine stones is well worth the effort put into finding them. There is only one method of collecting Stones of Remembrance, and this guide will teach players how to do so.

Collecting Stones Of Remembrance in Genshin Impact

Players who have spent a lot of time in Liyue may already have a couple of Stones of Remembrance in their inventory without even knowing it. That\’s because the only way to obtain Stones of Remembrance is by leveling up the Geo Statues of the Seven. Every time a player increases the Geo Statues of the Seven they will receive one Stone of Remembrance. This means that players will need to collect a large number of Geoculus crystals and submit them to the Geo Statues.

Since players have to collect nine Stones of Remembrance, they will need to level up the Geo Statues nine times. With every level up the number of Geoculus crystals required to get to the next level increases, which makes leveling up nine times quite the chore. Luckily, Geoculus Crystals can only be found in Liyue, and the minimap shows the exact location of Geoculus Crystals. Small white stars appear on the minimap when a player gets within range of Geoculus Crystal showing the player exactly where they are located. If a player roams around Liyue and pays attention to the white stars they will collect enough Geoculus crystals in no time

Once the player has all nine crystals, they will need to make their way to Ciujue Slope in Liyue where the nine pillars are located. Each pillar has a slot that players will have to place the Stones of Remembrance in. Once all nine stones are in the ruin door will open.