There are a variety of quests in Genshin Impact players can complete to increase their adventurer’s rank and obtain valuable resources. Sometimes there are some that are seasonal and can only be completed during certain events, so players should hasten to clear them before they\’re unavailable. One such mission involves helping out a man in Mondstat named Viktor.

Viktor is a diplomat of the Fatui, a secretive organization from the nation of Snezhnaya. He’s stationed in Mondstat for the time being but is bored of his station. This boredom prompted him to venture out on a walk, which is when he lost his box. This quest is referred to as A Mysterious Loss in the game and can be accessed after completing the third phase of the Unreconciled Stars event titled What the Skies Conceal, the Water Reveals. This means that players must have an adventurer’s rank of 20 or higher to begin this quest, as rank 20 is needed to start the event. Those that have met that level can accept Viktor\’s quest, alongside several other challenges and rewards. Here\’s how to start the quest and where to find his missing box.

Finding Victor\’s Lost Box in Genshin Impact

To begin searching for Viktor’s lost box, players will need to first speak with him. He can be found loitering around the Favonius Cathedral in Mondstat. It’s impossible to miss this landmark; it’ the largest building in the city and can be seen from miles away. Viktor himself is not hiding anywhere in particular in the church, standing next to the first pillar on the left. After listening to his explanation of how he lost his package, players can set out in search for it.

Viktor mentions he dropped his package while walking near the Thousand Wind Temple, a huge hint to the item’s whereabouts. Warp to the waypoint closest to the temple, in between the 2 ponds west of it, to get there quickly. If that warp hasn’t been unlocked yet, the location in question is only a short walk east of Mondstat. Once there, turn on the elemental vision by pressing the system’s designated button for it. This is the mouse wheel on the PC version. Upon activating it, players will be able to locate traces of the monsters that startled Viktor, which can be found not far from the teleporter. They’re on top of a hill nearby next to a dying tree.

Next, players will need to find the electro slimes that Viktor mentioned in his story. They can be found further up the hill on the right. Though they can be defeated quickly using the right elemental reactions, such as Pyro, they don’t need to be beaten at all to complete the quest. Enable elemental vision to locate Viktor’s package, which rests in the center of the slimes, and take it before they can strike. All that needs to be done now is to return the box to Viktor in the cathedral, and the quest is complete.