Why Genshin Impact Players Want Aloy Deleted From The Game

Genshin Impact players were surprised when miHoYo first revealed Aloy from Sony\’s Horizon Zero Dawn as a playable character. This was the game\’s first-ever collaboration event, which is quite popular in gacha games because it allows guest characters from different franchises to appear. Confirmed to be a free 5-star character for all players to use, it should have made fans very happy, but instead, some gamers expressed dissatisfaction with the news. Players were so unhappy with the crossover to the point where many tried to delete Aloy from the game. Here\’s why Genshin Impact players want Aloy removed.

Aloy was available in Genshin Impact during the game\’s Version 2.1 update. The collaboration with Sony allowed players who owned a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 early access to the character, while mobile and PC gamers needed to wait until the Version 2.2 patch. Now that all players can redeem Aloy, many gamers displayed frustration on several social media platforms commenting on why the Horizon Zero Dawn protagonist should be removed and even going to great lengths to share ideas on how to delete the character from accounts.

A strong complaint many fans have about Aloy\’s presence in Genshin Impact is that her character doesn\’t fit into the overall setting of the game. The world of Genshin Impact is based on medieval fantasy mixed with different cultures. Mondstadt was inspired by Germany, Liyue represents Ancient China, and Inazuma is based on Japan\’s cultures and mythology. An argument brought up by fans suggests that there could have been better collaborations for Genshin Impact with a similar fantasy setting instead. The world of Horizon Zero Dawn, on the other hand, is more futuristic and leans heavily into science fiction.

Horizon\’s Aloy Doesn\’t Fit In Genchin Impact\’s Lore

Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn comes from a world filled with advanced technology. The enemies within the world are comprised of mechanical dinosaurs with futuristic-type weapons such as laser beams and missile launchers. The setting also takes place in the United States as remnants of modern civilization can be seen throughout the game. The lore of both games is also completely opposite from one another. One world has knights with ancient monsters, gods, and dragons while another has a machine T-Rex firing missiles from its back. Despite Genshin having similar mechanical enemies like the Ruin Guards, who can also shoot lasers and missiles, Aloy\’s presence in Genshin Impact doesn\’t fit into the overall narrative for some players.

While Aloy doesn\’t have an in-game story quest like many other characters, during some gameplay dialogues, it\’s been hinted that she was accidentally transported into the world of Genshin Impact. There isn\’t any backstory to this incident, but only that Aloy saw a flash of light and suddenly she was in a new unexplored world filled with mysteries. There are currently no official confirmations from miHoYo that Aloy will receive future quests that\’ll make her presence canon in Genshin\’s lore, but that can always change and fans may not approve.

Aloy In Genshin Impact Is Not A Strong Playable Character

Another critique players have about Aloy is that she\’s not a strong character to use – especially for a 5-star unit. Aloy is a Cryo elemental character who uses her bow in battle. When compared to other Genshin Impact characters like Ganyu, Aloy performs noticeably worse than her Cryo allies. Her role within a team is to be a damage dealer and several of her abilities increase her damage output, but many of her issues revolve around her Elemental Skill. In order to effectively use Aloy as a primary Cryo DPS unit in combat, her Frozen Wilds Talent and the ice bombs it creates need to hit enemies four times in order for Aloy to enter her Raging Ice State.

The Raging Ice State transforms all her Normal Attacks to Cryo damage. The problem with the skill is that the ice bombs required to enter that state don\’t always hit enemies, which takes time and momentum away from players. This is most devastating to gamers for timed battles like the Spiral Abyss. Another known issue with Aloy is her attacks aren\’t as strong when compared to other 5-star characters in Genshin Impact.

Aloy\’s Elemental Burst is great for damage but lacks any effects. Prophecies of Dawn is an attack where Aloy throws a Power Cell then shoots an arrow causing a Cryo explosion. Aside from dealing damage to groups of enemies, the skill has no other function. Other characters in Genshin Impact with lackluster Elemental Bursts have strong Elemental Skills or Passives, but the combination of Aloy\’s average Talents makes her less effective in battles.

Aloy Has No Constellation Upgrades in Genshin Impact

Constellation upgrades in Genshin Impact is a great game mechanic to improve characters. Unfortunately, Aloy doesn\’t have Constellations to make her stronger in battle. 5-star character Constellations in the game are known to be very difficult to increase because of the randomized and low pull rates on Banners. If players were lucky enough to acquire a duplicate, then the character will unlock powerful new abilities. The Constellation system is so effective that even 4-star characters can surpass 5-star units due to the upgraded Talents.

Aloy is essentially capped out of her gameplay potential. If she were to have access to Constellations, then her abilities will no doubt greatly improve or at the very least fix some of her combat mechanics. There are currently no known announcements from miHoYo or leaks in Genshin Impact that indicates Aloy will receive Constellation upgrades in the future. The combination of average gameplay from Aloy and her unnatural presence in the game\’s lore are reasons why gamers want to delete the character.

Despite not being the strongest character, Aloy is still very helpful for players lacking a Cryo damage dealer. A lot of gamers are free-to-play and may not have pulled powerful characters like Ganyu or Kamisato Ayaka. A free 5-star character will definitely help those less financially invested in the game. It\’s also important to know that not all Genshin Impact players are dissatisfied with Aloy crossing over to the game. Though there are several players who want to delete Aloy, there are also many fans who will accept her with open arms.

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