Players of the open world RPG Genshin Impact have become quite vocal about which characters from the robust cast they are missing from their roster. While some players are missing 4-star characters that could likely fill the missing spots within their squads, others have been working desperately in order to gain a 5-star character. However, there is one 5-star character that seems to be sought after more than the others: the claymore-wielding Pyro user, Diluc.

There are quite a few reasons why Genshin Impact players would be searching specifically for Diluc over another 5-star character like Venti. For one, players could likely see having any 5-star character as a sort of status symbol or a way of bragging to other players. While that might come into play occasionally, there is another reason why players are seeking the Darkknight Hero out.

Diluc is widely considered to be the best DPS currently in Genshin Impact. While the character may not provide players with a lot of utility in terms of setting up Elemental Reactions, his damage output is obscene, even without an optimal build.

While most Genshin Impact players will recognize that Diluc\’s strength is astounding while fighting solo, his power is heightened even further when players build their team around him. Adding another Pyro character like Xiangling in the party gives a buff of +25% ATK DMG through the Pyro Elemental Resonance, making Diluc an even more potent damage dealer. And by adding another Support character, like the Electro archer Fischl, into the mix provides Diluc with plenty of opportunities to deal massive Elemental Damage through the Overloaded Reaction.

It\’s also possible that players want Diluc simply because they like his personality. Genshin Impact players are provided multiple instances where they get to try Diluc out as a trial during some of the early questlines. These questlines also give players an insight into the character\’s personality and motivations, which seem very reminiscent of a Bruce Wayne/Batman figure. These small tastes of who Diluc is could be enough for players to be willing to invest real world money into the game, rather than the in-game currency that can be earned.

While Diluc seems to be king of Genshin Impact right now, this likely won\’t always be the case. With multiple new characters coming by way of the various updates and plans for character nerfs, it\’s likely that Diluc\’s fire may burn out sooner rather than later. However, until then, fans of the game will most likely continue to stoke the embers and keep the Diluc flame alive.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PS4, and mobile devices.