Players that have been dedicated to playing Genshin Impact every day since its release will likely know that the gameplay can start to feel less like a reward,and more like a grind in the higher Adventure Ranks. And although miHoYo has attempted to help by increasing the Resin cap from 120 to 160, players seem to be having a tough time grinding the various Artifacts, Character Exp, and Ascension Materials in order to keep pace with the rising world level.

However, the currently on-going Unreconciled Stars event in Genshin Impact seems to be a temporary reprieve from this struggle. Throughout the course of this multiweek event, players have been able to harvest meteorite shards from around the map of Teyvat and exchange them through the event shop. Items in this event shop include things like Hero\’s Wit, Mora, and the various gems that are needed to Ascend characters.

While just having the ability to obtain these precious advancement items through the event is certainly helpful for Genshin Impact players, it\’s the amount of them that truly makes the Unreconciled Stars event beneficial to players. Players can exchange 4 meteorite shards for 1 Hero\’s Wit, worth 20,000 character experience. This exchange happen a total of 150 times throughout the course of the event, with players being able to acquire 150 Hero\’s Wit in exchange for 600 shards.

These shards are easily obtained as well with players being able to accrue up to 45 shards per Meteorite Remains salvaged with the cost being only 20 Resin. This makes harvesting meteorite shards a far more efficient method of farming materials than following Ley Lines. While this in itself is great for players looking to maximize their characters, the way the Unreconciled Stars event is presented also says quite a bit about what miHoYo could have in store for future updates and events.

Players that participated in Genshin Impact\’s Elemental Crucible event were likely let down by it. The event had one quest associated with it which boiled down to talking to the same character twice in different locations, before engaging in a somewhat grueling co-op experience, where players fought several low level enemies. And while that wasn\’t exactly fun for some players, the rewards that were presented (Adventurer Exp, Companion Exp, and Character Exp) were not worth the 40 Resin required to redeem it. With such a negatively received event, it appears that miHoYo has changed its strategy and approach to events.

The Unreconciled Stars event seems to be proof of this. With miHoYo\’s willingness to address issues within Genshin Impact, it\’s likely that the developer has set itself up to learn from past mistakes, like the Elemental Crucible, in order to great grander experiences, like Unreconciled Stars. And with the next major event, the Lantern Rite, coming in the 1.3 update in February, players will likely have another rewarding experience like the one had in Unreconciled Stars.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PS4, and mobile devices.