The main attraction of Genshin Impact is the massive array of characters it offers. Each is unique in design, weapon type, and element, so they all have different perks to offer to team composition. But those of the five-star rarity are what most players seek out as they are typically the most powerful of the bunch and will help the player get through to the late-game content.

But for free-to-play players, seeking out five-star characters is nearly impossible. Luckily, Genshin Impact does offer a number of ways to earn Primogems, a form of premium in-game currency that is used to Wish on the gacha system, without spending real cash. Doing so requires grinding through quests and looting chests around Teyvat as well as completing daily tasks and spending as much Resin per day as possible. Even so, it will still take F2P players a large amount of time to gather enough Primogems to pull just four-star characters.

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Fortunately, starting at Genshin Impact\’s launch, there are a few powerful four-star characters that are free to acquire through in-game actions aside from Lisa, Kaeya, and Amber, who are given to the player through the main storyline to complete a full party of four. The question is whether or not MiHoYo will offer more free-to-unlock characters through in-game events or quest completion in the future, which could be essential to F2P players progressing through late-game content.

Noelle\’s Beginner Wish Banner

This Banner is offered to new players as a way to introduce the Wish system to beginners, but it\’s fantastic for F2P players who haven\’t spent all of their Primogems get because it guarantees at least a four-star character pull. Specifically, it guarantees Noelle will be pulled within the first 10 Wishes and the Beginner\’s Wish Banner will stay available until the player Wishes a total of 20 times on it.

Though this specific Banner will disappear, offering limited time Banners that guarantee at least four-star characters every 10 Wishes, even for extremely short windows, could greatly benefit F2P players, given they have enough Primogems to Wish. Alternatively, short windows of guaranteed prizes would encourage players to spend a small amount of money on Primogems to win, which means more revenue for MiHoYo.

Barbara\’s Shining Debut Event

Despite her four-star status, Barbara is considered one of the best healers in Genshin Impact, so it\’s essential for F2P players that the game is giving her away. To unlock Barbara for free, all players need to do is reach Adventure Rank 20 before the 1.1 update rolls out in November. For F2P players just starting the game, this might be somewhat of a challenge unless they grind, but nevertheless, Barbara is an extremely useful party member to have on-hand as she\’s she the only free-to-unlock character that can heal the entire party. Why MiHoYo decided to offer this is a mystery, but random events similar to this further down the line that offer four-stars as rewards could greatly benefit F2P players.

For F2P players\’ benefit, it would be great to see more characters offered this way to add more variety to the party. Hopefully, Xiangling\’s People\’s Choice event is a hint that MiHoYo will do similar events in the future.

Genshin Impact is free-to-play on mobile devices, PC, and PS4 and is coming to Switch at a later date.