You wake up one morning to find that the main characters of your 5 favorite video games are your roommates now. How lucky/unlucky are you?

Well… Let’s see…

  1. Kaeya Iceburrow from Genshin Impact. He’s a reliable and really calm character. Amazing chatter and excellent on the sword’s art.
  2. Mei Raiden from Honkai Impact 3. Known as Queen of thunder. Another calm and soothing persona, Uses a dagger to fight. But beautiful and good talker. Really kind too.
  3. Nikki from Shining Nikki. While not a fighter. She is an excellent model and immensely kind with a good willpower and creativity.
  4. Kael Ryan from Elchronicle. Another thunder prodigy but with a halberd. Slightly snobbish but Regal and self sacrificing… Eh. I could live with that…
  5. Zeon from Exos Knights. He might he a hot headed and Aloof. But he got his kind ways. Heheh…

I guess I’m pretty fine? It’s not THAT bad to live with the 5. But I do have a chance to be extra toasty if I piss off Mei or Kael…. ??

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