\”I think that this system is very predatory. I think that this system is gambling,\” content created Mtashed says in a recent YouTube video covering Genshin Impact\’s gacha system. After spending thousands on the Chinese game, he\’s worried about the viewers who may have worsened their financial situations after being influenced by his videos.

Genshin Impact\’s gacha system is a slippery slope. Though it\’s completely free-to-play, the main draw of the open-world action-adventure RPG is being rewarded rare five-star characters through Wishing. The game will give players a small amount of Primogems, which are used to purchase Wishes in-game, as rewards for finishing quests and discovering chests and locations, but it\’s only enough to use the gacha a small number of times per week. Because so many Genshin players are longing for the rare four and five-star characters, this results in spending hefty amounts on the gacha game.

Now Mtashed, a YouTuber and content creator many turn to when asking the question \”should I spend money on this Banner,\” is openly criticizing Genshin Impact\’s gacha system for what he feels are predatory practices. After receiving hundreds of messages from fans worried about the YouTuber possibly having a gambling addiction, Mtashed feels that he has developed a problem and further promoting the game is problematic for his viewers.

So far, Mtashed has spent approximately $7,200 on Genshin Impact\’s Wishes. Making content on MiHoYo\’s newest game has tripled his average viewership, but even so, he regrets covering the game at all because it has likely led to fans spending large amounts of money they can\’t afford on Genshin. After claiming that the game is \”crooked,\” the YouTuber says he\’s going completely free-to-play with a brand new account to promote that kind of gameplay to his audience. Any videos that show off Mtashed Wishing and don\’t offer any educational value will be taken down.

Other YouTubers and content creators have been trying to promote the free-to-play message as well. Though ZealsAmbitions has posted videos and streams showing off Wishing on Banners such as Klee\’s Sparkling Steps, he\’s constantly reminding players that four-star characters are more than enough to carry players through late-game content. Though it may be slower, Genshin Impact can be fully experienced without spending a dime, and Zeals plans on spending much less on the gacha in the future.

Going forward, Mtashed will only use his AR45 account with five-star characters to make quick guides but will \”not spend another dollar on this game,\” the content creator says. \”I am sorry if I ever baited you into Wishing yourself. I do feel guilty about that,\” Mtashed says, promising to continue creating Genshin content further down the road and still plans to make some educational videos for his audience members who decide to stay with him.

Genshin Impact is available now n Android, iOS, PC, and PS4, with a Switch version also in development.