​​Genshin Impact: How to Complete a Puffy Snowman

Genshin Impact players can now build Puffy Snowmen as a part of the Version 2.3 update. In the new event, “Shadow Amidst Snowstorms,” players get to return to Dragonspine and interact with some of their favorite Mondstadt characters as they play through the festive new event. In addition, Albedo, Eula, and Amber make appearances and help the traveler through the new snowy quests.

The “Shadow Amidst Snowstorms” event is running from November 25 to December 13, so players have a few weeks to participate and build adorable Puffy Snowmen of their own. As long as players are Adventure Rank 20, they can join in on the fun. Here’s everything players need to complete a Puffy Snowman in this event.

Before players start building snowmen, they need to complete a few Dragonspine related quests. These quests include “For a Tomorrow Without Tears,” “Traveler Observation Report,” and “Lost in the Snow.” Usually, players need to be Adventure Rank 40 to begin the “Traveler Observation Report” quest, but the requirement has been dropped to Adventure Rank 20 so more Travellers can enjoy the event.

Building a Puffy Snowman in Genshin Impact

Before building a Snowman, players must first find the Snowman Components hidden throughout the Dragonspine Special Training Challenges. These challenges will appear on the map once the event has begun, and each of them rewards the player with a Snowman head. Players can quickly find the rest of the components by melting Ice Crystal Piles during the Tracker Training Challenge. This can be made easier by bringing along a Pyro unit that can use Pyro quickly, such as Yanfei, Amber, or Klee.

Players will need a Head, Hat, Hands, Scarf, Eyes, and Nose to complete a full Puffy Snowman. After players complete The Snowy Past event, they can build a Snowman. All players need to bring the components to the Puffy Snowman location designated by the event overview tab. After going to the location with all the necessary parts, they’ll be able to simply click a button to build their snowman. Players will be able to keep their snowmen after the event is over for their Serenitea Pots. Completing one will unlock the Cinnabar Spindle, a limited-time 4-Star sword considered the most exciting reward of the event.  This sword is a great weapon choice for Albedo, so players who have him or intend to pull for him during this version update should definitely participate in the event.

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