Alchemy System


  • Alchemy: you can use an ingredient to brew 3 ingredient-specific extracts

  • Alchemical ingredients can be found from biomes, locations, and creatures

  • Ingredient uses can be identified with a Nature check

  • Extracts made from unidefinited ingredients have mystery effects

  • DCs:

    • Successful brewing: 14

    • If unknown: +4 DC

  • Extracts don’t require concentration

  • A creature can only receive the effects of one potion extract at a time, unless the potion extract states otherwise.

1st Level Extracts

Bless (Potion)

Cause Fear (Poison)

Comprehend Languages (Potion)

Cure Wounds (Potion)

Detect Poison and Disease (Potion)

Dissonant Whispers (Poison)

Entangle (Bomb)

Faerie Fire (Bomb)

False Life (Potion)

Fog Cloud (Bomb)

Grease (Bomb)

Heroism (Potion)

Inflict Wounds (Poison)

Jump (Potion)

Longstrider (Potion)

Mage Armor (Potion)

Protection from Evil and Good (Potion)

Ray of Sickness (Poison)

Shield of Faith (Potion)


Speak with Animals (Potion)

Tasha’s Hideous Laughter (Poison)

2nd Level Extracts

Air (Potion)

Alter Self (Potion)

Barkskin (Potion)

Blindness/Deafness (Poison)

Blur (Potion)

Crown of Madness (Poison)

Darkness (Bomb)

Darkvision (Potion)

Dragon’s Breath (Potion)

Enhance Ability (Potion)

Enlarge/Reduce (Potion)

Hold Person (Poison)

Invisibility (Potion)

Lesser Restoration (Potion)

Melf’s Acid Arrow (Poison)

Mind Spike (Poison)

Pass Without Trace (Potion)

Protection from Poison (Potion)

Ray of Enfeeblement (Poison)

See Invisibility (Potion)

Silence (Bomb)

Spider Climb (Potion)

Spike Growth (Bomb)

Water Walk (Potion)

Web (Bomb)

3rd Level Extracts

Bestow Curse (Poison)

Blink (Potion)

Catnap (Potion)

Daylight (Bomb)

Fear (Bomb). (Note: as an extract, the spell's area becomes a 20ft radius bust)

Feign Death (Potion)

Fly (Potion)

Gaseous Form (Potion)

Haste (Potion)

Hypnotic Pattern (Bomb)

Nondetection (Potion)

Protection From Energy (Potion)

Remove Curse (Potion)

Sleet Storm (Bomb)

Slow (Poison)

Stinking Cloud (Bomb)

Tongues (Potion)

Vampiric Touch (Potion)

Water Breathing (Potion)

4th Level Extracts

Black Tentacles (Bomb)

Blight (Poison)

Confusion (Bomb)

Death Ward (Potion)

Elemental Bane (Poison)

Fire Shield (Potion)

Freedom of Movement (Potion)

Greater Invisibility (Potion)

Guardian of Nature (Potion)

Ice Storm (Bomb)

Stoneskin (Potion)

5th Level Extracts

Cloudkill (Bomb)

Contagion (Poison)

Enervation (Poison)

Hold Monster (Poison)

Holy Weapon (Poison)

Insect Plague (Bomb)

Seeming (Potion)

Skill Empowerment (Potion)

Telekinesis (Potion)

6th Level Extracts

Circle of Death (Bomb)

Disintegrate (Poison)

Eyebite (Potion)

Flesh to Stone (Poison)

Harm (Poison)

Heal (Potion)

Investiture of Flame (Potion)

Investiture of Ice (Potion)

Investiture of Stone (Potion)

Investiture of Wind (Potion)

Primordial Ward (Potion)

Tenser’s Transformation (Potion)

True Seeing (Potion)

Wind Walk (Potion)

7th Level Extracts

Etherealness (Potion)

Finger of Death (Poison)

Power Word Pain (Poison)

Regenerate (Potion)

Reverse Gravity (Bomb)

8th Level Extracts

Abi Dalzim's Horrid Wilting (Bomb)

Animal Shapes (Potion)

Antimagic Field (Bomb)

Feeblemind (Poison)

Glibness (Potion)

Maddening Darkness (Bomb)

Power Word Stun (Poison)

9th Level Extracts

Foresight (Potion)

Invulnerability (Potion)

Power Word Heal (Potion)

Power Word Kill (Poison)

Shapechange (Potion)

Weird (Bomb)

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