All Genshin Impact Characters On Yelan's Event Wish Banner

Genshin Impact Characters On Yelan Banner

The Genshin Impact 2.7 update is finally arriving this week, and new playable character Yelan will be featured on her own Event Wish Banner. Appearing on the \”Discerner of Enigmas\” Banner, Yelan is a 5-star Hydro user releasing May 31. While many eager fans may attempt to pull for her, there are three other characters featured on her Banner as well.
Typically, an Event Wish Banner has a 5-star featured character with a boosted pull rate accompanied by three 4-star characters that often serve as a kind of consolation prize. Xiao, another 5-star character, will also be getting a Banner rerun in Genshin Impact, and it looks as though the same three characters will appear on his Banner too. For players who may have missed these characters before, it can offer a great chance to get them – or to try to pull duplicates to get them to C6.

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According to HoYoverse via the official Genshin Impact Twitter, the three characters on Yelan\’s Banner will be Noelle, Barbara, and Yanfei. And since Xiao\’s Banner has these same characters, it\’s likely many players will pull them during the Genshin Impact 2.7 update. Admittedly, these characters are a bit disappointing. Noelle is always a guaranteed pull when first using the Beginners\’ Wish Banner, and Barbara was a free character offered during Version 1.6, thanks to the Summertime Sparkle event. Yanfei is a bit newer, but she\’s a been featured on many Banners too.

Which Genshin Impact Characters On Yelan\’s Banner Are Best

Genshin Impact 2.7 Character Banners Leaks Yelan Itto

Noelle is a pretty consistent Geo user in Genshin Impact, and getting her up to C6 is much easier than trying to get C6 for a 5-star Geo character like Zhongli. If a player is trying to max out a Geo user, they could do a lot worse than Noelle. Barbara, meanwhile, had some effective healing when Genshin Impact launched, but she\’s since been outshined by nearly every other Hydro character in the game. Yanfei is arguably the best 4-star character on Yelan\’s Banner in Genshin Impact, since her Pyro DPS build ranks higher than anything Barbara or Noelle can offer.

Of course, if a player has plenty of Pyro users on their team – or already has Yanfei at C6, then they may wish to get a different 4-star character. Still, most of the attention will be on pulling for Yelan, since she\’s the newest playable character in Genshin Impact. Both Yelan\’s Event Wish Banner and Xiao\’s go live once the Version 2.7 update arrives on May 31, 2022.

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