All Genshin Impact Characters With Birthdays In May 2022

Three of Genshin Impact\’s playable characters are going to be celebrating their birthdays in May 2022. Genshin Impact\’s characters\’ birthdays are celebrated by sending players an in-game mail containing random materials and their respective special dishes. Their special dish provides enhanced effects over the original dish, so they\’re definitely worth getting.

The letter often requests the Traveler to spend some time with them on their special day or says how much they treasure their relationship. Though some characters\’ birthdays have already passed at least once in the game, each year\’s birthday mail in Genshin Impact will be somewhat different. A character\’s signature dish is a guaranteed gift, but materials may range from local specialties to boss drops.

So far, May 2022\’s birthdays in Genshin Impact feature three characters – each from the three regions currently in the game. Of course, this is a live service game so it\’s possible more characters will join the roster for May birthdays as time goes on. With Version 2.7 set to launch in May, it\’s also possible new playable characters will have a birthday this month, too.

Gorou\’s Birthday In Genshin Impact Is May 18

Gorou, the canine military general who improves Genshin Impact Geo teams, will be having his birthday in Genshin Impact for the first time. He was born on May 18th. Gorou was an instant fan favorite due to his big fluffy tail and ears. His fur details suggest a Shiba Inu which also adds to his popularity. Gorou was also known for being the first Geo bow user when he debuted. Gorou\’s special dish is called \”Victorious Legend\” which is a variation of Inazuma\’s delicacy, Tonkotsu Ramen.

Yun Jin\’s Birthday In Genshin Impact Is May 21

Three days later, on May 21st, Yun Jin will be sharing her birthday with Genshin Impact players for the first time. Yun Jin\’s introduction as an opera singer made her an instant fan favorite, which can easily be seen in Yun Jin\’s Genshin Impact Hangout Event. Her signature dish is called \”Cloud-Shrouded Jade\” which is the variation of \”Lotus Seed and Bird Egg Soup.\” The pink and white sticky globs served in a bowl adorned with the same pattern and color scheme as Yun Jin\’s design makes for a very aesthetically pleasing dish.

Fischl\’s Birthday In Genshin Impact Is May 27

Fischl will share her birthday on May 27 with Genshin Impact for the second time. Fischl is one of the best Genshin Impact Electro characters and many fans have grown fond of her since launch. Fischl\’s special dish is called \”Die Heilige Sinfonie,\” which translates to \”The Holy Symphony.\” It is a variation of the Cold Cut Platter dish.

There is no requirement to receive a character\’s birthday gifts in Genshin Impact, except for logging in on their special day to claim it from the mail. All birthday mails are automatically saved in the Gift Mail Box section of the mail page. In return, if players\’ own personal birthdays have passed at least once in the game, then it will unlock an additional birthday voice line from all characters owned.

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