All Toy Castle Missing Pieces Locations in Genshin Impact

Looking For Missing Pieces Of The Toy Castle In Genshin Impact

During \”Immernachtreich Apokalypse: Part III\” in Genshin Impact\’s Summertime Odyssey Event, the Traveler is required to \”Look for the missing pieces of the toy castle (0/2).\” Since this is a mandatory objective of the Event Quest, players will need to complete this task in order to progress the story. However, finding the Toy Castle\’s missing pieces can be moderately challenging due to the massive size of the zone in Genshin Impact and the lack of a map for navigational convenience.
After speaking with Fischl and receiving the task of searching for the two missing pieces of her royal domain, head down the pathway to the east. Using the Gaze of the Deep\’s Night Raven\’s sight, place the large cube down near the ledge and use it as a means to glide across the gap. This next area has three Gazes of the Deep. Next, head to one in the far back on the right and use the Deep\’s Night Raven\’s sight to align the first cube. Repeat this process twice, working backward to the first Gaze of the Deep.

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After climbing the ladder to the next area, fight past the Hilichurl brigade to the north and then head eastward. Jump from the ledge and carefully glide down through the sideways castle entry. Use the two nearby Gazes of the Deep to align the blocks ahead to clear an opening for the rising wind current. Next, glide to the pathway in the south and ascend the staircases to find the first Toy Castle missing piece in Genshin Impact.

Finding The Toy Castle\’s Missing Pieces In Genshin Impact

All Toy Castle Missing Pieces Locations in Genshin Impact

Next, ride the elevator back to the starting area of the objective. This time, head to the western passageway. After fighting past several enemies, align the distant cube with Deep\’s Night Raven\’s sight before pressing on. Continue westward to the tower, climb up the ladder, and glide to the long inclined path in the north. Finally, use the Gaze of the Deep to solve the puzzle in Genshin Impact by placing a cube beneath the tower to have it rotate.

Afterward, ride the nearby lift to the upper level. Then, head to the opposite side and use the Gaze of the Deep, aligning the ladder cube in the distance. Finally, go past the fountain and enemy mobs to find the second missing piece of the Toy Castle at the end of the pathway. After picking up the quest item, the Narrator\’s dialogue will trigger, indicating that the Event Quest\’s objective has been completed, allowing Travelers to progress further in \”Immernachtreich Apokalypse: Part III.\”

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