An AngelList Guide

An AngelList Guide

I collected the data below to help individuals who reach out to the EAN, understand the potential of AngelList. The EAN is a group of volunteers who coordinate through the AngelList platform. I figured I’d open it up. 

Let me know if this helps you! I’m @GabrielMtn on twitter or (same handle)

An AngelList Guide
An AngelList Guide

What is AngelList (you may be asking)

Below are the (generally positive) opinions of A VC and various journalistic bloggers:

A VC: The AngelList

The Quiet Rise of AngelList – The Next Web

In Seed Funding Race, AngelList Sorts the “Junk” from the “Maybes” | Xconomy

AngelList Launches 2011 Yearbook: 500 Startups, 2,500 Investors & 12,500 Introductions | TechCrunch

What are the varying opinions on AngelList?

Here are a bunch of stories from Hackernews. Note, comments included on purpose 

(pros vs cons)

Ask HN: Is it really worth it to join AngelList? | Hacker News

Ask HN: What is your experience with AngelList? | Hacker News

Ask HN: Why doesn't Angellist incorporate itself? | Hacker News

Ask HN: Can I get a referral to join AngelList? | Hacker News

Two weeks on AngelList ? Andrew Machado’s Blog

Local startup BlockChalk raises national money with AngelList – Venture Hacks

What’s The Real Deal With AngelList? | TechCrunch

A bit of drama, polarization. Note, again, the comments were included.

Why I Deleted My AngelList Account | Hacker News

Why bryce is a really leaving Angel List | Hacker News

An excellent post from the venturehacks blog, which was a sort of MVP for AngelList.

Is AngelList Creating False Hope?


AngelList is Starting to Heat up the Boston Startup Scene | BostInno

Show HN: Virtual Angel Investing market (built on AngelList) | Hacker News

Venture Capitalists Actually (Slightly) More Active Than Angels on AngelList | BostInno

Still in? Make a profile

Raising Money On AngelList: 21 Tips From Two Active Angels | Hacker News

Use Angel List for customer development…and then raise money. | Hacker News

Hacking AngelList (or "social proof") | Hacker News

Wensing, M. – Hacking AngelList (or "social proof")


– Venture Capital – Babak Nivi & Naval Ravikant of AngelList; Jody Sherman, founder of EcoMom – YouTube

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