Animal Crossing Meets Genshin Impact In Mondstadt Build

A player of Nintendo\’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons has used the game to recreate Genshin Impact\’s city of Mondstadt. ACNH lets users build and design almost anything they can imagine, and reimaginings of other games in Animal Crossing have become very popular within the community. Since the game released in 2020, players have based their islands on countless other titles including The Witcher 3 and The Legend of Zelda.

Animal Crossing\’s range of design tools gives users lots of creative freedom when it comes to decorating their outdoor spaces. With the ability to waterscape, add and remove cliffs, lay paths, place fences, plant flowers, and more, fans of the game have found many ways to design spaces similar to their favorite shows, books, movies, and games. In November, Animal Crossing\’s vast catalog of decorative items expanded thanks to the 2.0 base game update, and the newly-released Happy Home Paradise paid DLC has also improved how designing works in Animal Crossing.

Twitter user soulcrosserr took to social media to share a look at their Genshin Impact-inspired Animal Crossing island. As seen in the images below, the creator has used a variety of ACNH tools and items to recreate Mondstadt, with a focus on lush greenery and stone paths and steps. As well as flowers, a flower cart, lamposts, and hanging lights used to mimic the town\’s aesthetic, the user has also gone one step further, picking out an outfit that looks as though it\’s come straight from Genshin Impact. The island design has been a success on social media, amassing over 20,000 Likes at the time of writing.

See the post on Twitter here.

The locations seen throughout Genshin Impact have cemented the game as one of the prettiest free-to-play titles on the market. While Genshin Impact has been compared to BOTW in terms of its scope and design, the game has since gone on to forge its own identity, with its easily recognizable style and world. While Genshin Impact is a very different game to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the popularity of both titles is impossible to ignore.

Genshin Impact fans who want to bring some Teyvat magic to Animal Crossing can take inspiration from soulcrosserr\’s design, but it\’s not the only one from the creator. The designer has also recreated Mondstadt gate and more Genshin areas, and fans can find more of their work on Twitter. Official Genshin Impact content isn\’t likely to ever come to ACNH in any official capacity, but thanks to the versatility of the game tools, almost any video game can be recreated in Animal Crossing.

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