Are there any games like the Dragon Quest 11, YS, and Tales of series for the PS4?

As a matter if fact, one just came out recently that I can recomend. The problem is it is still in development and the story isn’t complete yet.

Are there any games like the Dragon Quest 11, YS, and Tales of series for the PS4?
Are there any games like the Dragon Quest 11, YS, and Tales of series for the PS4?

Genshin Impact is a new game recently released from Chinese developer Mihoyo. This is their first globally released game and is also multi-system. Available on PC, PS4 and mobile devices. It is a open world sandbox game with hack-and-slash combat. As a freemium game, it is also free to download and play, with about 98% of content available without paying. (The only content explicitly locked is that you recieve less rewards from monthly missions, otherwise the rest can be gotten through the game’s gacha system or grinding)

The story is that your character, The Traveler (canon name is Aether or Lumine), is on a multi-dimensional journey with their twin sibling (the two blonde people up front, you choose which one to play as). Unfortunately, just after entering a world that seems to be in a war, you two are attacked and separated by an unknown god of that world. Stripped of your powers, you set out to explore the world of Treyvat to find your missing twin. The game currently has the prologue and chapter 1 stories available. I havent finished chapter 1 yet, but I’ve so far logged about 30 hours in.

The game has two major draws to it: it is a very lore heavy plot with a lot of world building, centered primarily around the conflicts and interactions between the world’s 7 gods, each ruling over a different element. Each element has it’s own characteristics and interact in different ways. For example, electro (lightning) can cause extra damage to enemies already inflicted with pyro or hydro elements (fire and water). Anemone (wind) can turn into a charged tornado when it interacts with electro, pyro, hydro or cryo (ice), etc.

The other major twist to the gameplay is the different characters you can play as. While the Traveler is the default character, and canonically is the one you play as, most major characters can be recruited to your party through the game’s gacha system. Currently, there are over 20 different characters available with more being added with certain updates. As a freemium game, you can pay real money to get extra draws, but you can also farm in game currency to do it as well for free. Different characters have different abilities in combat as well as different playstyles.

For example, Keqing can throw a knife that remains in place until you use her special a second time, teleporting her to its location or it can be detonated with a charged attack. In contrast, Razor is able to summon a wolf spirit to buff his attacks with extra range and electrical damage, while also resulting in double hits on enemies within close range. Venti creates cyclones that can lift enemies or himself, depending on how long you hold the casting button, as well as a hurricane with his Ult that traps enemoes in a single location (pairs really well with other characters of different elements). That’s just a few of the different characters, while you can form a party of 4 that you can switch between on the fly. You recieve 3 of those people in the picture as defaults during the prologue (the red and purple girls and that blue haired guy) so you can keep a full party.

The game also has online multiplayer, allowing for up to 4 people to form a party and play in the host’s world map as well as for special events.

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