Are there any online games to play with friends recommended? It needs to be free and can be on PC or mobile.

  1. Mobile legends(MOBA)
  2. Dota 2(Steam) MOBA
  3. League of Legends MOBA
  4. CS:GO FPS
  5. Paladins(Steam) TEAM BASED FPS
  6. Ark Survival Evolved- It is free now on steam for 1 fah only SURVIVAL
  7. Among us- it is free on mobile
  8. Brawlhalla(Steam) FIGHTING (Smash bros example)
  9. Unturned(Steam) SURVIVAL
  10. Team fortress 2(steam) TEAM BASED FPS
  11. Rocket League(Epic games) SOCCER WITH CARS
  12. Rumble Arena(Steam) FIGHTING
  13. Warframe(Steam) TEAM BASED FPS
  14. Wolfteam(It’s original website, not good to play with everyone else but only friends. It is a pay to win game but when you play with your friends equally everything is so much fun.) FPS
  15. Albion online MMORPG (Steam)
  16. Runescape MMORPG (Steam)
  17. Knight online MMORPG (Steam)
  18. Metin 2 (Steam)
  19. Genshin impact MMORPG it is original website
  20. Werewolf mobile

All for now. Take care and have fun! Don’t forget to keep your studies orgsnized as well???? 😉

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