Are there any tips and tricks i should know before playing Genshin Impact?

All this depends on what you want out of the game, feel free to disregard any or all of this.

  1. The game developers want to help you. They want to see you have fun and succeed. Trust them, and take the hints they give you.
  2. Explore as much as you can. Unlock the Statues of the Seven, the large circular points on the map, because they are what will open up the map for you.
  3. Collect all the anemoculi and geoculi you can, and offer them to the statues to raise your stamina. This is handy to run, glide, and climb, which you will eventually do a lot of
  4. Open all the chests you can. Follow the Seelie to get their chests, fight enemies (when you’ve killed them all, the chest will unlock), explore and light up elemental markers, complete challenges.
  5. Save your fragile resin but spend your original resin. Do Ley Lines to get rewards that come in handy later, fight bosses for drops.
  6. Gather the shiny stuff. Make food and potions to help you in combat and restore HP. Visit statues of the Seven to receive healing when you can.
  7. Teleporting is much faster than walking, so explore the world and unlock as many teleport waypoints as you can.
  8. When gliding, you can jump down, fall, and then start gliding again. This is useful if you don’t have enough stamina to glide down all the way, and also faster. Don’t confuse falling with a plunging attack, they are differnt things.
  9. Focun on upgrading one or two characters at first. All your other characters just need to be “they don’t die in one hit”, unless you dno’t use them, in which case you dno’t need to level them up at all.
  10. Rresources and tutorials exist. Look around if you need help. Check the wiki, youtube, etc if you want advice or help.
  11. Wish carefully. Rate-up banners, characterized by the small golden “Up!” near the promotional character’s name, have increased drop rates for four and five star characters. If there is a garunteed character in a certain amount of wishes or a disocunted rate, wish on that. Currently, Noelle is garunteed in ten wishes and has a 20% discount. That’s a really good deal and she’s a pretty good DPS/tank/healer.
  12. Farm materials, like ores and drops, as much as you can. Make enhancement ore, it will help lots in later levels.
  13. Mark your map with ore deposits, enemy camps, etc.
  14. Regularly visit resteraunts to check if they are selling recipes you can buy and learn to cook. You only need to buy them once before you can make them infinite times.
  15. Talk to the NPCs, exhaust your dialogue options. They sometimes give you items for free.
  16. When you unlock them, expeditions are super helpful in regards to farming materials. You basically get them for free.
  17. Pay attention to events. They give you rewards and sometimes characters or level up materials.
  18. Check your in game mailbox. Primogems, food items, and other rewards are oftne sent out if there are maintenence issues, updates, or character birthdays. Thye expire after about thirty days. Open the Paimon menu and go to the envelope symbol.
  19. Read your character talents. Match them as best you can.
  20. Don’t forget to level up your characters or refine your weapons.
  21. Pay attention to loading screen tips.
  22. If a certain character can do something good, like make a special dish when cooking or reduce time for expeditions, use them to your advantage.
  23. Co-op mode can be a lifesaver when facing tough enemies. Don’t be afraid of asking for help, consider joining one of the official communities listed on the MiHoYo website.
  24. Read up on enemy weaknesses and elemental reactions.
  25. whenever you see something to collect, collect it and worry about what it does later. Tap on the picture for more info and look it up on the wiki if you need clarification.
  26. Potions, crafed at the alchemy stands, help lots.
  27. Some foods you can only get at stores. The Angel’s Share, the tavern in Mondstat, sells drinks with different effects.
  28. Learn how to dodge if you don’t already know, and keep an eye on your stamina level at all times or you’ll die
  29. You’re going to die multiple times. No big deal, just eat revivial food or visit a statue of the seven. If your whole party dies, you’ll revive at a set point, sometimes the closest teleport waypoint.
  30. Statue’s blessing, the healing, is very helpful. You can set it to auto-heal X percent when nearby, it revives dead characters in your party.
  31. Dead characters can’t be healed by a healer in your party, unless you have C6 Barbara or Qiqi. They also can’t be healed unless they are part of your active party.
  32. some foods have a cooldown. Your characters can get full and not be able to eat any more, pay attention to the little face below their portrait.

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