Are Weather Conditions In Genshin Impact Challenging Or Just Cheap?

Genshin Impact\’s controversial endgame has always been a hot debate in the fandom. Players want more content, and the game must keep up with these demands in order to keep people playing. A significant amount of players also ask for more challenging content, considering how easy everything has been so far. Genshin Impact\’s Spiral Abyss is constantly updated with new enemies and debuffs to add a more difficult experience for these players.

However, as much as challenging content can be a good thing, it can also have a negative impact as well. This is especially true for newer players in Genshin Impact. Newcomers simply do not have access to later resources or stamina needs to fully explore each region. This is similar to how tougher enemies were introduced into the game. Some open-world enemies have more HP than certain bosses. Although it provides a more challenging experience, it is not so kind toward new or casual free-to-play users. The need for 5-star characters or perfect artifacts becomes more apparent. Hence, weather conditions were introduced.

Genshin Impact\’s harmless \”background\” weather, such as rain and thunder, has always been in the game and provides a certain mood. It also helps with some of Genshin Impact\’s best Elemental Reactions. Furthermore, Elemental Debuffs such as \”Slowing Water\” or \”Condensed Ice\” provided another reason for players to strategize their team and use supports. Initially, elemental affiliations only happened during combat, so weather conditions during exploration were created.

Genshin Impact Weather Conditions Are Both Challenging & Annoying

Weather conditions were first introduced in Dragonspine. Weather conditions are the first sign of remotely challenging content. It provides players a different experience and allows them to be more careful about certain in-game decisions. When exploring the freezing mountains of Dragonspine, characters will be afflicted with the \”Sheer Cold\” status. It chips away at the active character\’s health when the gauge is filled to the max. A few ways to survive the cold in Genshin Impact\’s Dragonspine is to consume food or stand near heat sources. Sheer Cold makes sense and can be really immersive, but a large majority of players never come back to Dragonspine after they have fully finished exploring the region. Sheer Cold\’s effects will still trigger even when someone steps away from the game without pausing.

When information about Genshin Impact\’s Inazuma was finally revealed, many fans were apprehensive about the new region. They feared that Inazuma was going to become another Dragonspine, a region in which players no longer return because they did not want to literally freeze to death. Like Sheer Cold, Balethunder slowly ticks away at the active character\’s HP, and it cannot be removed unless the player steps away from the area or is under the protection of an Electrogranum.

Considering the political situation of Inazuma issued by one of Genshin Impact\’s different Raiden Shoguns, Balethunder is perfectly logical within the game\’s lore. Inazuma is isolated from the other regions, and coming into or leaving Inazuma is out of the question. Thunder strikes down the characters and can be symbolic in keeping outer influences away from the country\’s current political situation. It also keeps citizens from escaping the Vision Hunt Decree.

However, the biggest problem with these conditions is how much they hinder exploration. Exploration is a huge part of Genshin Impact\’s open world. When people have to worry about dying from a status condition or having to back away from their exploration, it feels unprogressive. Simply being unable to open a chest or follow a Seelie because of a status condition seems ridiculous. Even worse is when players have already exhausted their Resin and completed their dailies because they have nothing else to do but to explore.

Genshin Impact Weather Debuffs & Status Effects Hurt Exploration

Another example is when initially solving the mystery of Genshin Impact\’s Tsurumi Island in Inazuma. The foggy conditions make it difficult to see, and people must light up little torches using Electro skills to clear a bit of the fog. The most frustrating part is when venturing too deep into the fog. If there are no torches present or people simply forget, they get \”lost\” and are sent back to a safer area.

It seems simple at first, just use a character with the necessary element to keep the party healthy. However, with how inconvenient it is to switch party members when monsters are attacking them, it can be a huge burden. It inhibits free exploration, especially for players who do not have the time to progress and just want to simply explore. The difference in exploration freedom in Mondstadt or Liyue is jarring compared to Inazuma or Dragonspine.

100% exploration in Genshin Impact is rewarded with chests and Primogems, but with how much a player must withstand in order to get so far, it does not feel as rewarding as it should. Weather conditions during open-world exploration can be really discouraging, and the game will no longer be a relaxing and fun RPG but a chore to complete. Puzzles are getting more frustrating to solve, and not having enough time to solve them because people are slowly losing health means that the puzzles are no longer fun. In addition, many quests are locked behind Adventure Rank level, and the best way to increase AR without using Resin is through sheer exploration.

Genshin Impact\’s Future Updates May Introduce More Weather Conditions

The weekly boss fight of Genshin Impact\’s Eighth Fatui Harbinger, La Signora, introduces the \”Blazing Heat\” state. It is the exact same as Sheer Cold, just an opposite concept. The character is inflicted with burning flames that can only be cured through Hydro effects. This adds a challenge for battle because people will need to focus on more supportive roles, rather than just a mindless hack and slash. However, it does not seem like this will be the last time travelers will encounter the Blazing Heat state.

A future region called Natlan will be under the Pyro Archon\’s rule. Venti, the Anemo Archon, describes the Pyro Archon as a \”wayward, warmongering wretch.\” Considering what has happened under the Electro Archon\’s rule over Inazuma, it will not be surprising that Natlan will share the same path. War-stricken Natlan may be covered in flames, so exploration in this region may be hindered with a Blazing Heat debuff.

Sumeru, ruled by the Dendro Archon in Genshin Impactis next in line to be released. A new weather condition or elemental state may be introduced here. So far, players can only see a glimpse of what Dendro has to offer, such as the Burning elemental reaction or a few of monsters\’ Dendro abilities. It will definitely be a unique concept, but would another weather condition be tiring? Only time will tell.

Character levels are capped at level 90, but enemies can be up to level 100. Characters are also limited by their weapons and artifacts, both of which depend on RNG. The best weapons can only be gained through the gacha system, and the most ideal artifacts are locked behind hundreds of Resin and unbelievable luck. Adding these weather conditions is similar to how enemies will only get stronger while characters remain the same, unless Genshin Impact fixes the artifacts RNG system. Challenging content can be fun, but there should be a balance between challenging content and a more welcoming experience for newer players.

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