Are you looking forward to the video game Cyberpunk 2077?

What do you look forward to in Cyberpunk 2077?


First off, even though I’m an absolute tool when it comes to all sorts of cyber fantasy, I’ve always been fascinated by the likes of Shadowrun (yes, the tabletop and the computer RPGs) and the idea of a sci-fi world that’s bleak yet neon lights gorgeous at the same time. Considering that unlike Shadowrun (which is basically futuristic D&D), Cyberpunk seems to be more like a tech-focused and social-focused RPG that’s got lots of first person combat going on, makes my inner geek quite giddy with excitement.

The ability to custom create your own character — especially appearance-wise — has always been one of the things that has me going for various games (including if not especially The Sims series). So to have a game that not only lets you customize yourself in so many ways (even to the point of upending current ideas on gender), but rewards you for dressing a certain way (as opposed to having you collect equipment that works everywhere all the time) kinda makes me wonder what my fashion statements and story would be in Cyberpunk.

Then there’s the activities. While I’ve been decent with a sniper rifle in CS Beta 1.6, I’ve been far more of a stealth combatant, favoring games like Thief, Dishonored, and Hitman over the more action-oriented run-and-gun games. So the fact that you can go full stealth, or possibly even a pacifist route, makes me very, VERY curious on how to go about it.

(And yes, I am tempted to do at least two runs of this game with those play styles in mind.)

Additionally, while I’m not a vehicle afficionado, I’ve always enjoyed the idea of utilizing different vehicles ala-Grand Theft Auto, which is why I look forward to how they play out.

And finally, there’s the environments and the idea that unlike most games where all buildings are basically painted elevations that you can’t explore 80% of the time, you’ve got fully fleshed out buildings with fully functional floors. And if my reaction to Genshin Impact (and the days I’ve alloted just playing that one game, even if I’m just exploring and grinding) is any indicator, this could easily be something that would suck away a lot of my free time, JUST from exploring.

(Makes me wonder if architectural students and even working architects might want to play Cyberpunk just to study (and maybe criticize) the high rise interior and exterior designs found in the game.)

So in short, as a Game Master/Dungeon Master, a role-player, a tinkerer, and maybe even an explorer, I’m curious and intrigued.

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